Reconciliation Revisited

by Ulysses Slaughter  Jun 24, 2014


I’ve got a definition of reconciliation. I say reconciliation is “the reestablishment of coherent equilibrium in a relationship.” That’s my definition. I’ve said over and over again. I’ve read it over and over again and it works for me. As part of the OM Reconciliation Council, I have the honor and task of periodically sharing conversations with community members who are attempting to resolve conflicts in their relationships. I reference my definition when engaged in these community conversations.

Lately the term and idea of “healing” has been deliberated by the Council and other community members. Healing. Maybe I can define healing as “returning to health.” Maybe I can define health as “ optimal vitality.” Maybe I can define vitality as “life.” I might be stuck at this point. Maybe not. So is healing a “return to life?” And if it is a return to life, from where is one returning? The logical and maybe easiest answer is “death.” Pardon all the quotation marks please. I’m trying to add some emphasis here. Can one return from death unless one is alive to do so? Even if a person is temporarily “dead,” doesn’t it mean the possibility of a return is always possible? And if life is always possible, what indeed is death?

So back to healing now. This could be an answer, though it is hard for many of us to fathom: healing is a frame of mind. Healing is a claim in the mind. Healing is awareness that we have lost our equilibrium. The process of healing moves on top of and around the infinite and never-wounded “Is.” The totally healed self is always available. It is never harmed. It is only hidden. It is always present. OMing reveals this truth to us. With each stroke, with each adjustment, our equilibrium is once again visible and we know without doubt that we are and always will be perfect pieces of The Universal Whole.