The 7 Deadly Mistakes You Make In Relationship

by Billy S.  Apr 24, 2014


  1. Getting Drunk on Love

There’s something about that certain touch and feeling. It’s a complete out of control state. I love nothing more than to find her. The one who I can nod off with, with a simple whisper of my name or a passing touch. Where the world is suddenly engulfed by her sex and turn on. It overtakes me. It’s like my own custom made heroin batch. Where I can feel the warmth of her orgasm moving and pulsing through my veins. It’s definitely a drug. And I fall asleep. This is my junkie’s favorite type of siren.

  1. Repeating Patterns

My junkie gets hooked on a type of woman that always comes in the same form. She is drop dead gorgeous, with piercing eyes that glisten. Her heart is pure and she has a radiance about her that people flock towards. She is magnetic, she has a smile that you can feel from across the room or down the block that makes your heart flutter. And she swears she wants to be awake and needs to be rescued. Someone to save her from the low, heavy glaze that curses her and her life.

  1. Being the Savior

That when my junkie comes in. My junkie loves, absolutely loves, being a knight in shining armor. I learned this from the movies I watched when I was a kid. That if I slay the dragon that is keeping the awakened one hostage, she will be mine. But these women. These women who want so desperately to be saved from an outside force or person… are tricky. Because as big as their potential might be - and how powerful their magic really is - it is an absolute death trap if I attempt to do the work for them.

  1. Getting Off Track

Sirens come in many forms, all with great potential and beauty. Nonetheless, sirens are all the same. The sound of their calls and the lust of their sex and beauty, create devastating results and shipwrecks for all those who are sailing toward their purpose.

  1. Being Shipwrecked

In 2010, I got shipwrecked in an attempt to rescue a fair maiden in distress. Little did I know that she was slowly and incrementally sucking all of the life and orgasm out of my body. It was only once I lost all of my energy, got sick, and completely off course in the journey toward my purpose did I realize the fate I had created for myself. Before that I was on track, I was going somewhere. And then, BAM! My boat hit rocks off shore and there I remained stranded on a deserted island. It took me three years to get back on track and slowly build back all of the energy I lost.

  1. Getting Stuck

Piece by piece, I had to rebuild my boat and get back on track with my life. I spent an entire year feeling dead. Asleep. My crew were doing everything to get me to steer the wheel again. To have faith, but I had no such thing. I would go to my full time job that I hated, come home at night and take a long shower in the dark, then watch tv. That’s all I did. For a straight up year. I was stuck. My orgasm wanted me to go towards something that I didn’t want to go towards. It desired to explore the world known as men. And I just couldn’t let myself have it. I tried dating another woman for a few months to avoid my real desire. I was desperate to avoid moving toward the next piece for me.

  1. Falling In Even When You Know Better

Now, 4.5 years later, after lots of work on my foundation and building the internal structures that keep me from such sirens, I came across another one. It was an “uh oh” moment. She was trouble and everyone could feel it. But this time, I had more stability and more warning signs. It happened. I fell in the hole with her. I nodded off. It felt like that shot of heroin again. We slept together and it was the deepest conk out I’ve experienced ever.

I had witnessed myself interacting with her all weekend, knowing she was drawn to me. Watching as I saw that my orgasm magnetized her towards me. I had been feeling her for days. I knew what was happening. And still I fell in. I could have named what was happening and remained conscious with her. I didn’t. I let it happen.