Orgasmic Meditation: Design for Living 3.0

by Julian S.  Apr 9, 2014


I am sober and I believe in miracles.

I work a program which has given me daily reprieve from my obsession. It's a design for living that really works. My said obsession has been lifted from me, and that's a miracle.

Now, Orgasmic Meditation has come into my life. Design for Living 3.0.

I am remembering that I do believe in magic.

My recovery has gifted me with the ability to live in the moment. In the eternal NOW. It's a great practice and for the most part it works. But it's all mental.

Enter Orgasmic Meditation. OM. A 15 minute practice with no goal but to stroke, to breathe, to see, to feel and to listen.

As a stroker, I now have a physical practice, a sensual yoga.

The contact point is physical. Pad of left index finger. Focus on the stroke. Focus on the upper left quadrant of the clitoris. Focus on sensation. Focus on my breathe. Focus on what I feel. Surrender to the moment. Moment to moment. Stroke by stroke. In the NOW.

Wait, was that 15 minutes? Frame it. That's a wrap.

I can't say where my new practice is taking me. But my desires are becoming more vivid.

I am turned on and my turned on emanates to everyone around me. It's magic!

And, I am learning to trust my magic.