Conversations from the Edge: A Life Powered by Orgasm - #3

by Rachel Tayeb  Mar 26, 2014
Not perfect but awake

I live a life powered by orgasm. This could sound sexy, sassy, even glamorous. Sometimes it is, but most of the time, it's messy, challenging, and fulfilling in the kind of way that messes with my mind's idea of how much I deserve and should be given. Messes with meaning... blows all limiting beliefs away. This life means opening myself up to a much bigger existence than I had planned, with a lot more scene-changes and complications and people than I had planned. Sometimes, in between the scenes my friends and I share the thoughts that brew within us over time like pearls in oysters. As with everything I glean from this life, my wish is to share it with you.

Entry #3

Words of wisdom from my friend John Bjorklund during our community and leadership class -

"If it seems like you don't have enough time to rest, you just have to calibrate your rest cycle to the time that's available."