Why I Love Being An Orgasm Coach

by Billy S.  Mar 9, 2014


Many people have asked me to put into words what it’s like to be the OneTaste Staff Coach. I have gotten a lot of praise for my talents but to be honest even as I write this, the words have a hard time flowing through the channels that is my cortex to be able to verbalize my experience as a Coach. But like in OM, the way i work is by not only what I see in a physical sense but how it feels.

People have always fascinated me. Call it a Libra thing as we Libras are social butterflies and obsessed with relationships. We are curious creatures that has to open every nook and cranny in a box whatever that box looks like. Or maybe it’s the fact that I happen to hold both poles (the masculine and feminine) in a very potent and skillful manner. These are all attributes as to how I do my job. But to make it even more simply, it’s the cultivation of my exquisite attention from OM’ing that has made me the coach that I am today.

OM’ing is coaching. Everything is there. The stroker position and being the more surrendered person is there. The time, the container, stroking where there’s sensation and of course the goallessness and attention that goes along with it. Goallessness in a session is vital. Just as it is essential in an OM’ing practice. As a culture we are fixated with goals and when we expect goals to come through and they don’t we get resentful and disappointed. Before every session I am always in the face of not knowing where the session is going to go. And throughout the session. But as along as I keep with the sensation and staying curious, we find that that is where the magic happens. In the not knowing.

Attention I believe holds a real key factor in this whole thing. It’s the ability to really feel in my body and listen to my intuition that really creates the magic. And then the ability to “see” someone. And I don’t mean on a superficial level like long dark brown hair and blue eyes. No, like the seeing from the movie “Avatar.” Where you can clearly see their master back there. Their highest potential and I make it deliberate to talk to that one and slowly bring her out from the shadows and into the light.

Or maybe it’s the fact that I am a relentless and fierce lover to people’s freedoms. I always have been. And when a client comes in that has a potent desire that they really want, you better believe I work very hard to be a fierce warrior for that persons freedom from the bars that are none the less those pesky saboteurs that try and keep us from what we really want. Because I can only attain what I have by giving back.

I can only relate to what it is to walk through the trenches that is the war between desire and fear and know what it's like to slowly see the evidence that slowly begins to percolate of all of the things they drop and it’s my job to acknowledge where they came from and where they are now. And there’s nothing more satisfying then knowing that I have yet witness another transformation with another person in peeling back the layers of the onion only to find the sweet and beautiful gem that lays inside and feel their integration of love and desires emanating from them and living the way they want to.

There is nothing like coaching. I didn’t even know it was something I could do as a career. I enjoy being of service and knocking out fears, so that the person who truly owns the thrown can reign and express the legacy that they hold.

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