Our Most Powerful Tool is Surrender (And Other Core Beliefs of an Orgasmic Messenger)

by OneTaste New York  Feb 25, 2014


"Get in. Immerse. Get out."

Get in: don't vacillate, don't wait, don't wonder and weigh the pros and cons. Say yes because you know it's what you wanted so have it.

Immerse: Go all-in, saturate, lose yourself in the experience, devote on hands and knees, weep and cry out with joy. Squeeze every last drop of juice out of the fruit.

Get out: There's a moment when a bell rings and you know it's time to go. It's usually on the highest peak when things have just clicked into perfection. The temptation to remain and go another round (or a hundred of them) is highest at this moment. Have you been doing your practices every day? Are you full enough to know you can exit and always have more? Did you get every last drop you wanted?



"Our specific darkness is that gift that was given us to most deeply discover who we are."

What are you addicted to? Where are you obsessed? What is that memory or trigger that if someone brushes up against it you immediately cry or go into a rage, or withdraw? Where are you mean, where do you acquiesce, where do you pretend you're fine when you're not so you can control how people see you? What are your most terrible secrets? We all have darkness in us, we all have shadows yet to be integrated. The shape of them, the way they take us out of control, and the way we have learned how to be with them have shaped and molded us into who we are. Do you avoid your darkness? Do you crave it? Have you made friends with your own shadow yet?


plugged into

"There is an underlying intelligence that runs through all of us that we have either plugged into or not."

Tapping into the internet to seek connection, find answers, create enjoyment, and build projects has become a daily part of life for much of the world. Through OM, OneTaste and its worldwide communities are building something similar called a "limbic network." People can become routers for connection when their "lights" are switched on and they are awake to the birthright of orgasm. OM switches people's lights on and taps them into a universal underlying intelligence. A person whose lights are on intuitively knows how to handle challenging situations. They know how to guide someone, how to speak to someone who is angry or sad to disarm the reaction, they know answers to questions they shouldn't know the answers to, and they know how to increase or decrease the sensation in a room full of people. They can slip ninja-like into and out of many different scenes of people, places, and things, immersing and then exiting when it's time.



"Those who are plugged in recognize each other in a way that feels ancient and familiar. We will notice sensory or linguistic cues."

There is a moment where the invitation to remove the masks comes. It may be at a party for just a split second, it may be in an argument with a partner, it may be in a grocery store with the mom next to you by the cereal. First eye contact is made and there's a spark and you can choose to open to it or not. When we open to these moments, we are seen behind the masks. An open loop of connection is created between two people and inside of that timeless space, an entire blueprint of that other person's system is exchanged. Their fears, the flavor of their sex, their deepest desires, who they are in service, how to touch them, how to talk to them, how to resonate with them in perfect pitch like a fingertip stroking the rim of a crystal wine glass. People tapped into the limbic network look for and seek out these moments, knowing that every point of genuine connection that is made increases the strength of the deeper thing that weaves us all together. They hunt for cues and clues and send out whispers and signals underneath the words they say: are you awake too? Are you tapped in too? Have you discovered this other world in between the lines and behind the explanations for things too?



"Our most powerful tool is surrender; true surrender opens the reception channel for all benevolent aid in the universe to enter."

Surrender is the ability to entirely inhabit ones' humility. To stand upright inside of it, feel it seep in and saturate every pore. There, you can feel the presence of something greater than yourself holding you, the immense love that your life rests inside of like a baby kitten curled into a warm, strong palm. In surrender, you are enveloped by the safety and security that you have most deeply craved and fought for. You are soaked in the knowledge that you are free beyond imagining. In surrender, there is so much space left where there had been willfulness, resistance, fear, doubt, and self-loathing, that you can finally breathe and have room to receive everything you had been efforting to coerce, seduce, and force. Surrender allows the truth of our lives, who we are, and how precisely and profoundly we are loved to be revealed.