OMing With My Tongue

by Ulysses Slaughter  Feb 17, 2014

OMing with my tongue can be incredibly tantalizing. Stroking with my lips can be extremely scintillating. I reach through the moisture of my mouth seeking to draw out the suppressed and protected energy of my strokee. I lean into the empty space, determined to close the distance, orally fixated on the nectar of the other, wanting to satisfy and be satisfied all at once - through my mouth.

OMing with my tongue. I love this stuff.

So to be clear here - I’m not talking about cunnilingus. I’m not talking about mouth to pussy. I’m talking about mouth to mind, syntax to intellect, and word rhythm to emotion. I’m talking about touching soul with sounds.

I like OMing with my tongue. It keeps the nest with me wherever I go. It fashions a container of orgasm around my every motion.

Verbal stroking – orgasmic meditation with my words - turns on my strokees. But man, it turns me on, too. I love it when I know my words have hit that sweet spot. I can tell the strokee loves it, too. Whether man or woman, young or old, purple or pink, I can tell when I’ve “up stroked” just right. I can tell when the angle and the pressure is purr-fect. My words are reciprocated with a smile, a laugh, a head nod, a hand shake, a kiss or…

unnamed (3)Verbal stroking. I think we take this sweet science for granted. Verbal

stroking. I know it makes the touching so much sweeter. It gives the fingertip more fire. It gives the clit more clout.

Beyond the nest, you make requests all day long. Beyond the nest, you make adjustments all day long. You are talking all day, every day. You are listening all day, every day. You are engaged in verbal stroking. Settle down when you are in conversation. Let the conversation lead to conversion. Slow down and feel the experience. Slow down and fill up the space. Never stroke with wild words. Never “tongue” with fear. Settle down. Settle in. OM with your mouth. OM with your ears. OM in the moment