My Last Week To Live...

by OneTaste Australia  Feb 13, 2014

In Joanna Van Vleck, President of OneTaste's, presentation last year at the Orgasmic Meditation Xperience, otherwise known as OMX, she describes how Orgasmic Meditation, or OM, took her from a life that was seemingly perfect on the surface, to a life based on feeling.

“I am the most unlikely person to find Orgasm,” she says.

“By the standards of the 'shoulds' that my Mom and Dad and society put in me, I was doing SO well... I moved to the city, I was doing well financially, I drove a Lexus, I lived in an amazing apartment, I had lots of free time to do everything that I wanted to do, I had hobbies, like I play the violin which I took up as an adult so that I could be more 'well-rounded.' If you had said, “how's your life?” I would have said “awesome” because I was doing everything that you should do!”


“The woman I was supposed to be always looked really good, had great lip gloss, great make-up, great hair. And, had really nice things, like good shoes and hand bags. And, layer by layer I kept putting these facades on me so that when I met people there was nothing to feel. There might have been something to look at but there was definitely nothing to feel (from me).”

She then goes on to explain the impact of strengthening her feeling capacity, through OM. Which happens because we are practicing paying attention to the body and its sensations. “I started to OM, and slowly I started to notice these tiny subtle shifts. Like I loved carbohydrates and I had this crazy experience where I finally felt what food felt like in my body, and carbohydrates didn't feel that good. The three croissants I had just eaten didn't sit well.”

She explains how slowly but surely, OM after OM, she began to feel deeper connection to other people. “It hit me that I didn't want to live a life where people can't get to me, because that means that I can't get to them.”

[caption id="attachment_1182" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Joanna during her experiment in letting go of the expensive clothes, shoes, and make-up that kept her separate from people. Joanna during her experiment in letting go of the expensive clothes, shoes, and make-up that kept her separate from people.[/caption]

Reflecting on how Orgasm changed her life she says, “if I could have my facades come down, and I could begin feeling other humans - which feels really fucking good - then other people could have it too. And its my duty to ensure that what was feasible for me, regardless of where they start is feasible for somebody else. Because not only did it save my life – literally. It changed my life and it changed who I am.”