Science of Orgasmic Meditation: "Orgasmic Consciousness"

by Mark Gottlieb  Feb 3, 2014


(Justine and Nicole after a demonstration of OM at the Orgasmic Meditation Xperience in 2013,

Have you ever wondered about orgasm and the mind? My last article, “Sensation and the Stroker,…”, left off with explanations about this drawn from classical, readily understood sources. In my article, I maintain that the peaks and valleys of an OM result from the firing cycle of a great many large neurons called magnocellular neurons, which produce oxytocin in an area of the brain called the paraventricular nuclei of the hypothalamus. I hypothesize that the simultaneous firing during an OM of these magnocellular neurons results in the firing of a great many of the nerves attached to these magnocellular neurons called collateral nerves. These nerves go to many different regions of the brain.

Orgasm via OM, as a whole brain experience, would result in the activation of these regions of the brain in line with the approximately four minute firing cycle of the magnocellular neurons, and hence; the same firing cycle for the collateral nerves associated with them. In other words, if I am right, the activation of these regions of the brain during orgasm would likely follow the peaks and valleys of the OM in a whole brain experience, which could be identified as the alternative lightening and darkening of these regions of the brain on brain scans such as those done by fMRI.

However, there are other aspects of OM and OM Science that do not lend themselves to explanations drawn from classical science. In particular, how is the sensation felt by people observing an OM at a distance from the OM explained? Classical electromagnetic theory cannot explain the sensations observers feel. The electromagnetic field produced by stroking the clitoris and causing the movement of charge in the nerves within it is too small, and the distance to the observers is too great. To explain how sensation is felt by observers at a distance from an OM, ideas from modern physics, i.e. quantum mechanics, may apply as they pertain to the instantaneous sharing of non-local experiences.

What I posit is an intrinsic connection among the parties to an OM, i.e the stroker, the strokee and the observers, sharing the experience of a “Field” between them. The “Field” can be perceived as a “Consciousness” connecting them. Consider the features of this shared experience. All the parties are aware that they will be involved in, or observers of an OM. They will know when the OM will begin. Their full attention will be on this experience. Many of them, perhaps all of them will have OMed before, their bodies receptive to the sensations arising from an OM. In this manner, they are attuned to the sensations that will come from the experience they are about to have and/or observe. As the OM progresses, observers instantaneously feel sensations in their bodies, often without the full benefit of their usual senses of sight, sound and touch, to guide them.

Quantum mechanics teaches that we are all highly concentrated, complex gatherings of energy that extends far beyond our physical bodies. Putting our attention on someone connects us to them. Many of us have had experiences of thinking about someone and then have them materialize in our awareness. These occurrences, though they may not be frequent, are not arbitrary. We have the power to create our experience, and the obligation to be responsible for it. It is in this manner, putting our attention on the sensation arising from the OM, that the experience of an OM is shared. However, the OM has one very important feature that sets it apart from more ordinary, shared experiences. Orgasm.

I believe that orgasm, more than anything else, has the power to perturb or energize the “Field,” and I believe that it is this aspect of orgasm that enables it to be so well perceived by observers during an OM by means of the sensations they experience. In this regard, we can refer to this “Field” or “Consciousness” empowered by orgasm as an “Orgasmic Consciousness.” It is noteworthy that many people who OM, like to do so in group OMs. In so doing, they are contributing to a collective “Orgasmic Consciousness” empowered by the orgasms they have, and which they experience both as participants in their OMs, and observers to the OMs of others. Likewise, for individual OMs the experience of the “Other” or “Third” by the stroker and strokee during the OM may be this heightened experience of the “Orgasmic Consciousness” empowered by the orgasm arising from the OM.

While I have spoken of the intrinsic “Orgasmic Consciousness” experienced in an OM, I have not quantified it. Though these shared experiences are subjective, an experiment suggests itself. Namely, have some observers to an OM placed in a separate room from the OM, where they cannot see, hear, touch or have any perception of what is transpiring in the room where the OM is occurring. Put synchronized time pieces in each room with some means for recording the times and characteristics of the sensations experienced by the people in each room. Alert the observers in the separate room when the OM begins and ends, and compare notes afterwards. It would not be surprising to find many of the same sensations shared among the parties in each room at the same times, especially; at the times of the peaks and valleys of the OM. This would be an aspect of the “Orgasmic Consciousness” manifesting itself among the stroker, strokee and the observers of the OM, even observers deprived of their sensory awareness of the OM.

“Orgasmic Consciousness” can also be viewed as state of mind among people who OM, arising from their OMs, but not ending with them. It reflects a mindset that cultivates orgasm as a means of and a way of life, providing deep wisdom arising from sensations and perceptions captured in the moment of each experience. OMs nourish and empower this mindset, and are essential to it. However, in order to realize “Orgasmic Consciousness”, a philosophy and practice must also accompany it. Practitioners of OM know this, and it is no coincidence such a philosophy and practice are inculcated by OneTaste among those who OM. It remains for people intrigued with these ideas to immerse themselves in this venture.

It is my belief that evolution can be understood to be an evolution of greater and greater ability to experience and manifest consciousness by all life forms as they shape and adapt to their surroundings, and in so doing more fully participate in the “Field” that I believe connects everything in life, and indeed everything in the universe. This idea of evolution as a process that enables the development of greater and greater ability to experience and manifest consciousness can apply to the evolution of human beings as a species, in societies and as individuals. I believe that it is not accidental that OM, as a source of empowered consciousness, indeed as the wellspring of “Orgasmic Consciousness”, has appeared in an age where our world faces its greatest challenges and offers the prospect of achieving the greatest good. I believe that these challenges can be best met in a world that OMs, a world where the greatest good for all can be realized, a world bound together in a state of “Orgasmic Consciousness.”