Orgasm Outside of 'The Nest'

by Ulysses Slaughter  Feb 2, 2014


In Orgasmic Meditation (OM), 'the Nest' refers to the blanket, pillows, and zafu (meditation cushion) used to make the Strokee and Stroker comfortable. The nest provides the container within which an OM can take place.

I have a challenge for you. It’s simple, but so beautifully complex. It’s complex, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Here’s my challenge: make a commitment to stroke and be stroked beyond the nest. Outside of OM. Learn to expand orgasm beyond the nest. Work to expand orgasm beyond the nest.

No matter how intense, no matter how exhilarating, no matter how satisfying your 15 minutes within the nest, I am convinced and have learned that the 900 seconds of electricity can be expanded and amplified when I seek to stroke and be stroked beyond the nest. And at the risk of sounding like a man-whore, I must admit I am on a mission to “stroke and be stroked by the world.”

Yes. The WHOLE world. And not only by way of a left index finger…

I think there is something fundamentally incorrect about a perspective that purports to return to the real world once the OM is complete. There is something “wrong” – for lack of a better term – with the notion that orgasm is “here” but not “over there.” Kind of reminds me of the good and evil thing so many of us learn in some religious institutions. You know: God is here and the Devil is over there. God has jurisdiction here, but that’s the Devil’s turf over there…really?

When the OM is complete, don’t leave the energy in the nest. Take it with you. Spread it out.

Orgasm and opportunities for orgasm exist everywhere and at every moment of every day. The universe is constantly “cumming” and presenting opportunities for you to “come” too. But can you see them? Do you acknowledge them? Orgasm comes through our conversation. Orgasm comes through our eye contact. Orgasm comes through our silence.

Orgasm is.

Descartes might say “I think therefore I OM.”

What do you say? Is orgasm everywhere you are? Are you taking orgasm with you into the boardroom? Are you taking orgasm with you into the gym? Are you taking orgasm with you into the classroom? Are you taking orgasm with you on your daily commute? You should.

As part of our work with the OM Reconciliation Council, Allen Wagner and I frequently consider the question: what is orgasm? I often say “orgasm is reconciliation and reconciliation is orgasm.” That doesn’t answer the question; sounds cute but it doesn’t answer the question.

What I am trying to say with the aforementioned words (orgasm is reconciliation and reconciliation is orgasm) is that both are inseparable from the ultimate, every-expanding fullness.

Orgasm has no peak; reconciliation has no end and is a process. I believe reconciliation (persistence, patient recalibration) is the process through which we ascend to the next peak in our personal orgasm. And everything we engage in, everyone we engage with, at all times of the day - is a part of the path that leads to more full orgasm. Nothing in this process is irrelevant. Everything in this process is important.

Consider where you were today.

Consider who you engaged with today and how you engaged them.

Consider what you said and how you said it.

Did your words or actions enhance your being as you prepare to return to the nest? Have you spread orgasm and remained open to orgasm as you prepare to return to the nest? Is the nest simply and sadly a place where you lay your burdens down or a place where you further fuel with your fire the universal desire to live in orgasm?

Here is my challenge: stroke and be stroked all day long. It will feel so much better when you return to the nest.