Become What You're Afraid Of

by OneTaste Living Library  Jan 17, 2014
Go ahead and release your fears

Kristi Stout wrote a beautiful piece for Rebelle Society entitled '10 Wicked Morsels For Living A Sexy Life,' that includes some bold and enticing philosophies for life, such as:

"Whatever you’re afraid of, or hesitant to become because you think you can’t. Become it. Rawly. Fiercly. Honestly. If you’re scared of it, it’s probably an indication you’re headed in the right direction. When was the last time you told fear to f*ck off?"

And, "...Everything that has happened to you, the stuff you did or did not do or say, was all a necessary happening. It has all served the you that stands in the now—an organic, malleable expression of life and Source. If I were to liken this to the forging of a sword, which in and of itself is a violent process, the true revelation and exquisitely sexy nature of this weapon is apparent through not only the forging but in the wielding. When was the last time you wielded your sword?"