Jeff DeGraff Believes the Millennial Generation Will Put an End to Marriage, Capitalism and Religion

by OneTaste Living Library  Jan 9, 2014

Jeff DeGraff published an article on LinkedIn about how the millennial generation are far more progressive than previous generations, and speculates on the impact their future leadership will have on society.

“I learned from some of the most credible researchers on the planet that our children aren’t marrying; they have become the refuseniks of our competitive corporate culture and have effectively eschewed organized religion and even a belief in the almighty.”

Speaking for himself and the baby boomer generation, he says, “While many of us hold marriage, capitalism and religion among our most cherished beliefs with time the voices of my generation will fade while the voices of the next will be raised up.”

What do you think about the difference of opinions between the boomers or the millennials?

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