Three Science-Based Sex Tips for the Emotionally Intelligent Gentleman

by Ken Blackman  Dec 25, 2013

We recently came across this well-written article, "Three Science-Based Sex Tips for the Emotionally Intelligent Gentleman". But if you OM or spend anytime with OneTaste you're already familiar with the value of these (even if you don't know you are): mindfulness, communication, and removing stress.

Although OM isn't the only place you'll find mindfulness brought to the realm of orgasm--Lori Brotto also talks about this--OM is an extremely effective practice to cultivate mindfulness while engaging the genitals.

The basic components of communication in OM--describing sensation, asking for what you want, safeporting, sharing about the experience afterward--can be transformative in sex. (In fact, continue OMing and you will likely start to see these seep into the rest of your life as well.)

And the container of OM is literally designed to quiet the vigilance center, the importance of which was recently discovered.

Read the original article here.