Orgasm in the Wild

by Ken Blackman  Dec 22, 2013

Hi everyone,

So often we see content on the web that resonates with us. It's like catching a rare sighting of Orgasm in the Wild. Or you could call it Corroborating Data from an Independent Source. Sometimes its a science story about research into the mind and genitals. Sometimes it's a blog by someone who nailed it, vulnerably and eloquently sharing a facet of their life that has us recognize ourselves. Sometimes it's a brazen injection of SEX into a typically reserved, stodgy setting. (Like say a university classroom, for example.) Reminding us of our universal, interconnected, unruly humanness.

Ohio University is the first to have blowjob classes in AmericaWe encounter many of these on a daily basis, and bookmark at least a few. And we've decided to start adding them to the mix here at Orgasm Daily. Beginning with a quicky that manages to be irreverent and reverent at the same time, a photo of a purported blowjob class held at Ohio University. We haven't been able to verify this one but all references seem to stem from this tweet. Enjoy.