A Demonstration of Orgasm—Say What?

by Ruwan Meepagala  Dec 11, 2013

"Heat in my head"

"Tightness in my chest"

"My pussy is wet" I stand on one leg on a creaky plastic folding chair too afraid to put my other foot down for the noise it might make. Too afraid to even breathe lest I disrupt whatever it is that is making the air so thick.

"Rumbling in my stomach"

"Sweat on my forehead"

The creaky plastic folding chair I balance on sits in a room in a community center in Alphabet City, where Nicole Daedone is stroking the upper left hand quadrant of a certain Rachel Cherwitz's clitoris. I will get to know her very well very soon. But for now, all I know of her is the pulsing pussy pointed in my direction.

"Rapid heartbeat"

"Tingly balls"

People keep shouting out things they are feeling as if watching a woman in orgasm can make you feel things. Yeah, whatever. Yet, it seems like everyone in the room is shouting something. I feel as if I'm in one of those improv mystery theater shows where they plant actors in the audience, only everyone is an actor but me. What an elaborate scheme. Do they expect me to believe this?

"Chills down my neck"

"Swelling in my cock!"

I don't feel anything do I? I mean, my knee is trembling, but that's just because I'm balancing on one leg. My stomach is feeling butterflies, but I can attribute that to skipping breakfast. Sweaty palms? They probably cranked up the heat. Yes it is hot in here isn't it? I feel light-headed too. That must be from the altitude. Didn't I mention I am standing on a chair?

Last year, I saw my first demonstration of of Orgasmic Meditation (OM). I didn't get it. I've seen many demos since then, and here are some things that I understand now, that I didn't understand then. Consider the following when you watch a demo, and perhaps your neocortex can chill out long enough for you to experience it fully.

1. You don't need to see in order to see

I found myself balancing atop a chair because I was certain that I must see the technique of THE Nicole Daedone. As a soon to be practitioner, I wanted to copy her exact stroke. If you've stroked pussy before, you know the layers of fallacy there. Firstly, the clitoris is far too small to see, even in the front row. Secondly, anything visual that you do get a glimpse of is more to entertain your eyes, because...

2. A demo is a transmission of sensation

It's two people sending orgasm into a crowd of many other people. Our mammalian brains are built to feel such sensation. The same neural mechanisms that cause yawning to be contagious, people's moods to regulate, or cause us to cry during Extreme Home Makeover allow us to feel another person's orgasm. In fact, when you're in connection, there isn't her orgasm, or your orgasm, but the orgasm which shows up differently for different people. But you shouldn't worry if you don't feel anything because...

3. Orgasm starts at what is

Once I noted how much one could feel, I became concerned that I wasn't feeling enough. Which put me in the strange situation of trying to watch pussy stroking the "right way." The only way one can feel more is to feel what is already there. We're always feeling, but often discount sensations as "unimportant." That's why during demos, people call out sensations; it brings awareness to a part of our experience that we normally don't regard. If you open your attention you can at least feel your feet in your shoes, your butt in your chair, and perhaps the temperature in the room. Feeling more is simply a practice of putting your attention further out.

"Rumbling in my stomach."

"Buzzing in my balls." And maybe speaking your sensation out into the room. That's the only advice I have to offer. Observe what you feel, right now and through the demo.

Oh, and don't forget to breathe.