Orgasmic Poetry: I am a Woman

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 25, 2013

I believe we are all sexual beings.

I believe that connection happens at the core level.

I believe rules around relationship, sex and love are put into effect so people don't have to feel one another's desires.

I believe all people want to connect.

I believe that we find true love by stirring up all possible debris and seeing each other on the other side of that.

I believe that we are accustomed to relating sex with fear.

I believe that sex can heal

I believe that sex shows us deep parts of who we are more powerfully than any other tool

I believe in seeing it, feeling it, doing it and getting out.

I believe that this requires incredible calibration and ability to feel.

I believe in nothing extra.

I believe love and attraction are not mutually exclusive.

I am a woman who likes to oral sex.

I am a woman who likes to give blowjobs to people I find weird or unattractive.

I am a woman who wants to be able to experience sex and not be afraid to tell you.

I am woman who wants to have good sex and bad sex and just experience it all.

I am woman who has sex to break societies mold.

I am a woman who loves fully.

I am a woman who wants to be able to have sexual encounters that are only for sex and not feel shame about it.

I am a woman who feels the tingle in my body and it leads me every step of the way.

I am a woman who believes that oral sex for her pleasure can alter our world.

I am a woman who sees sex as a way for me to experience surrender to my own body.

I am a woman who wants to break the mold of women clamping down their sex.

I am out not of the ordinary.

I believe in a world of connection, the old paradigms of sex don't hold their weight.

I believe unconditional love means seeing all of a person and saying yes.

I believe that seeing all of a person comes with time and uncomfortable honesty.

I believe the world is shifting in this realm and I am here to be beacon of permission for a new definition of Orgasm.

I believe sex is a practice.

I believe this is an unknown path and that the people willing to venture will shift what's possible.

I believe sex has the power to break our stories of how it "should" be, and it is only through breaking each and every one of these stories that we come to know the unconditional in ourselves.