Use Your Orgasm to Fuel Your Creativity

by Ruwan Meepagala  Nov 19, 2013
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I re-read my article on how art is orgasm, expressed through media, and I had this nagging thought "Ok, thanks for the trivia, Ruwan, but how do you actually do it?" My self-critiquing cortex wanted a practical way to channel more orgasm through my literary outlets. It certainly would be nice to find a way to chop the writer's block. Over the past few days I turned my attention to figuring out, "How can one channel more orgasm into media?" Now of course, I wasn't so delusional to think I could find the oxymoronic formula to creativity, but by tuning into the following OM principles, perhaps you can invite more juice to flow through.

Surrender to the Sensation, don't try to make it happen

Many new OMers are baffled by the saying "the stroker is the more surrendered position." From afar, based on the blue pill paradigm, the stroker is "giving" the strokee an orgasm. However, anyone who practices OM knows that orgasm can't be given or received, because it can't be owned. Any stroker arrogant enough to think that he is "producing" the sensation will lose it. The stroker "surrenders" in that he can only follow the sensation and orgasm produced between them, also known as the third—the conceptual entity relationship between them, that is neither him nor her.

You don't "make art;" you allow it to flow through you. The first step to allowing creativity is knowing you can't make it happen, you can only follow the feeling of it. The only thing that makes a person "creative" in this regard is having enough attention out to notice where the sensation is. Once you notice where it is, the next step is to "stroke for resonance."

Stroke for Resonance, in every moment

Resonance in physics is "the reinforcement or prolongation of sound through synchronous vibration with the environment;" in our case, doing what feels right in the moment. Creativity has a corresponding feeling. Creativity can only be cultivated by being in resonance with the given moment. I can't tell you how many times I've had brilliant ideas for articles, poetry, or video, put it off to a later "more practical" time, and found that the drive to create had inexplicably vanished. Orgasm only occurs in the present. It doesn't wait. Creativity is a product of intuition, not rationale. The awesome thing about intuition is that it can be cultivated in every moment by simply listening to it. When you act in accordance your internal drive, your intuition starts speaking up more often and much louder. The terrible thing is that every time you don't listen to it because there is a more practical thing to do, it gets quieter.

In an OM, you can't "save a stroke for later." There is only one resonant stroke—the one that feels right right now. The only way to feel the later strokes is to find the one that resonates in the given moment. When you have any sort of urge to create something, do it immediately. If you don't feel a creative buzz, do the next thing that feels the best and trust that it will come at the right time. When you "get on the stroke" creativity will stroke you.

Make it a practice

While you can't make creativity happen, if you just sit and wait around for The Great American Novel to spontaneously pour out of your fingertips, you're probably in for a long recess. Water won't flow readily through rusty old pipes. You would do well to keep your pipes in working order for when the inspirational hits come in. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell cites the 10,000 hour rule: one reaches expert status where flow is more readily available once having reaches 10,000 hours in experience. He argues that the Beatles were able to crank out so many hits in the early 60's because they spent most of the 50's playing gigs 5x a week in Germany. Certainly there is something to having raw experience.

OM is a slow practice in that there is no desired consequence in any one given OM. Instead, one keeps at it with regularity and over time looks out for emergent behavior—the involuntary actions that arise spontaneously after maintaining a consistent practice. By OMing regularly, one typically notices he or she has more energy, a more pleasant demeanor, and sensitivity to both people and the environment. Over the past month, I've made writing a practice where I free write for 30 minutes each day on absolutely anything. Most of the stuff I've written has gone straight to trash folder of my Google docs. However, recently I've noticed greater ease in forming the words when I have a random bit of literary inspiration. I've probably spit out more poetry in the last week than I have in the previous five years.

A vulnerable truth is that I actually tried to write a blog post about two years ago titled "How to be Creative." (You can find it along with many other ramblings in my trash folder where it belongs.) There is no formula to creativity, despite my efforts to find out. What I do know is that this article finally poured out of me today because, 1) I surrendered to the creative feeling and stopped trying, 2) when I felt the urge to write just now I acted immediately, and 3) I've been writing as a practice.

P.S. for any creative folk who read this, I'd love to hear your opinion on the above and how you deal with writer's block. Please comment away!