Orgasmic Poetry: The Bitch Emerges

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 19, 2013

Dropped Tossed in the fire Enraged, hexed The bitch emerges clawing Yet restrained—self righteous Empty and yearning to be touched.

He reaches and strokes her In that vulnerable place And she melts With a waterfall of tears Yearning to be held. Steadying her with his compassionate gaze He sets her back on her feet.

She finds what she needs In the arms of the community. Holding that little girl, Pissing her off Teasing out the beast Skillfully and playfully.

The beast emerges Her range is deep and wide Her clit pushes out Her head arcs back. She is fierce Penetrating Wise

A new turned on woman emerges A Phoenix rising up from the ashes Sculpted and polished Raw and vulnerable Fierce and penetrating Ready