How OM Makes You Sexy

by Nirmala Nataraj  Nov 15, 2013

It's an old, familiar adage: Power is sex, and sex is power. As we’ve already explored in some depth, a truly turned-on woman is a woman who is in full custody of her power, which we don’t define as force or, really, any kind of exertion. Force suggests a rigid need for control that has us putting in a lot of effort to move something—whether it be a person or an unfavorable circumstance in our lives. In contrast, power is being swept up by the momentum of our orgasm such that we are literally moved by it in a seemingly effortless fashion. A woman's power lies in her surrender, and as we all know, a surrendered woman is just about the sexiest kind you can hope to know or be.

A fully surrendered and truly turned-on woman can always find ways to access her orgasm, and thus, her true power, even if external situations don’t (at least at first glance) afford her a significant advantage. Challenges become an opportunity to test her limits and expand even more deeply into her potential. To her, every moment brings a new choice: Will I play or won’t I? Will I use the circumstances in front of me—be they positive or negative, exciting or routine—to generate a sense of delight and pleasure for myself and others? (And make no mistake: success in one round doesn’t mean she gets an easier round the next time—what fun would that be?)

It may sound like a tall order, but OM can help a woman access her power and use it to change the world around her: educating rather than emasculating; entering and transforming a situation rather than avoiding or judging it; and showing others how they will benefit from her freedom rather than merely demanding it. It’s a far cry from the kind of qualities we tend to free-associate when it comes to power: brass-knuckled authority, business suits and power short, the kind of whip-in-hand (typically masculine-oriented) power that many of us secretly want but that often feels like it comes at too steep a cost.

For our purposes here, let's throw out that stale definition of power. Power really is pure sex before it gets watered down into something else; it's the ooze and flow of orgasm that we can feel animating our pussies and our bodies. Sexiness is a nifty byproduct of our orgasm that isn't about having a hot body, perky breasts, bee-stung lips, or any of the superficial qualities that may have us questioning whether we fit the bill.

Naturally, OM is something of a magic pill when it comes to learning how to surrender to sensation and our innate sexiness. Here are just some of the ways it does so.

Women who OM are naturally more turned on than other women.

OM expands our orgasm exponentially, and women who are turned on naturally have more power than other women. Women have been taught to play a specific role and be happy there, and if they can’t, they believe the problem lies with them. However, the truth is actually the opposite: such women have power beyond what most of them know, and they can learn how to steer it through OM. Our too-muchness (which is usually just an overflow of orgasm that's been in lockdown mode for too long) is our power. OM isn't about painting a pretty face over a complex situation. Rather, it's about using whatever is happening in the moment as as raw fuel. Anger, frustration, anxiety, compulsion: it's all just energy to be used. When we can metabolize and convert this energy into orgasm, we find that we're a step ahead other women who might just be going through the motions rather than feeling it in their pussies.

OM gives you that certain je ne sais quoi.

It's undeniable: orgasm is a power source. OM offers a way of plugging directly into our energy source (as opposed to indulging in substitutes like alcohol, shopping, or empty-calories sex), and this has the power to make you radiate. Think about the kind of woman who turns heads effortlessly. You know the type: she might not have supermodel good looks or don designer clothes, but there is a clear and recognizable power that radiates through her. Her glowing skin, her tinkling laugh, the sparkle in her eye, and the way she walks into a room, confidently and without any sign of self-consciousness, are all factors that immediately command attention. She's got that swagger that turns all heads in the room. She's the kind of woman you automatically respond to, precisely because she doesn't need you to. And this is what OM can give us: it fills us up so much with our own orgasm that we aren't seeking validation from others. And what could be sexier?

OM makes you more aware of what you want—and not shy about asking for it.

Lots of women complain that either they don't know what to ask for in bed or that they're simply too shy to ask for it, especially since we're trained to have our sex clamped down for fear of being seen as insatiable or just plain too much. There is also, of course, this overwhelming imperative to be good that affects our ability to feel and process pleasure. In general, women internalize messages that say “good women” are able to manage their desire (especially if it's sexual) rather than move towards it and be immersed in it. So when it feels like things are going wrong, the habit is to move further away from sex and pleasure rather than towards it. Not so with a woman who OMs. A woman who OMs is vitally connected to her body and to her desire; she knows exactly what turns her on, and she's not afraid to ask for it. She's aware that sexual pleasure isn't going to happen by waiting passively for the dough to rise. It'll only happen when she's able to express her desire fully, to respond to it with a sense of curiosity and acceptance. In other words, she says yes to her orgasm and she knows exactly what is needed for it to come out and play. This also unburdens the men in her life of the responsibility to read her mind in order to please her; she's thorough, inviting, and super-hot in her requests, so she has no shortage of guys who want to help her expand her orgasm.

OM helps you to receive more and that's sexy.

The mantra of the modern western woman may as well be, “I give too much and work too hard and still I can't fill this hole!” She's depleted because she's so focused on giving that she doesn't have a clue how to start receiving. Here, we have to make the vital distinction between receiving and acquiring. Acquisition has something of a greedy connotation, and it's sourced in the mistaken assumption that in order to be who we want to be, we need to have certain things first. It's about reaching for the greasy burger and instant gratification rather than acting from our deeper desires. Receiving, on the other hand, is about making room for what's already in your space to come in and nourish you. As an example, let's look at the kind of woman who's the polar opposite of the orgasmic hottie we described above—her profile will also be recognizable to you. She's most likely beautiful, but perpetually insecure; adored, but constantly dissatisfied by her pick of suitors. When she walks into a room, you can see her immediately size up the competition and suss out the prey. But her desperation for attention is so overpowering that it's coming out of her pores. She wants it so badly that she can't just sit back, relax, and let it come to her. One of the reasons OM is so valuable is that it teaches you how to truly receive. And receiving isn't about grabbing at the first thing that comes along; it's about making room for the goodness that you know is all around you, with graciousness and patience. And as we all know, a woman who is receptive without being overly demanding is someone people automatically want to do things for. She radiates allure and sex appeal. This brings us to our next point.

OM helps you magnetize your desires effortlessly rather than using manipulation or other tactics to get what you want.

The more you think about what you don’t want, the more you seem to draw it to you. Ever notice how this especially seems to hold true when it comes to relationships and sex? But of course, as we already mentioned, receptivity and surrender are the hallmarks of a sexy woman. And OM helps you sink more deeply into what you want to the extent that you don't need to satiate yourself right away but let yourself fully feel the throb of your desire—and surrender to it. The truth is, contrary to what all the magazines and self-help pundits may be telling you, you don't need to go out there and exert force to get what you want (say, a man) or resort to manipulation to make him stay. Feminine power is about drawing in what you want, simply by expanding your own capacity to feel.

OM can help you to handle sensations that most people might not.

In essence, OM teaches you to live in dynamic tension because it lets you step into intensely sensational situations and let all the old stories and programs drop away. You know how to respond in a full-bodied, open-hearted way that lets you sink trustingly into your intuition and the world of sensation that is at your fingertips (which emerges, first and foremost, from your orgasm). From this place, you can dance with situations that might be challenging or oppositional rather than squish down the experience of conflict, avoid it, or react against it. You learn how to have what you want without bursting when you're too full or feeling depleted when you find yourself efforting to get it. You experience wide-awake alertness without becoming stuck in her head. When that kind of window opens wide, the scene outside becomes colorful with previously unthought-of possibilities. And because you're not complaining about how “hard” it is out there or about how clueless the men in your life are, you become way more sexy as a result.

Orgasm is a woman’s most natural power source. OM helps you access your orgasm easily and fully.

While the feminist movement and the current pop-culture moxie around women’s empowerment have certainly given sexist ideas about women and sex a run for their money, many of the women who’ve come through our doors are looking for something more. Not just trite instructions on how to capture a man’s lasting interest or stick up for themselves in the face of an overbearing in-law or boss, but a deep and nourishing philosophy by which to live their lives and find a deeper sense of gratification. This is where orgasm comes into play. Instead of complaining that she isn't turned on, she learns how to turn herself on and plug into her power source with OM. Instead of getting caught up in the idea that she doesn't like to be touched, she learns that the right kind of sexual touch is actually the cure. Instead of believing that she can't feel anything, she is assured that becoming unfrozen can occur through sex. And instead of getting caught up on stuff like cellulite or worrying whether he thinks she's hot, she learns to view her body as not deficient but as the very source of her pleasure. And a woman who can claim her hotness in such a way is a woman who can't help but be sexy.