Adventures in Heartbreak

by Sasha Hood  Oct 19, 2013

All you have to do is set him free—and you get free, too. Trust me, I know.

He captured your spirit. You would have given him all you had. And sometimes you did.

You wanted to own him. You gripped and tugged because you saw the divine through him. He touched a spot so deep and tender—nobody else would touch it that deeply again. You let yourself be raw and you were broken open by him. He felt the power in you. Deep and dark, he was afraid it would consume his soul—and it did.

He ran for cover. He was terrified of being that awake. You reminded him of his purpose and his desire to be connected to God. You played big enough with each other to draw out the man he wanted to be. You ignited him. Turned him on to purpose and power.

And then you had to look at the place where your desire overtook your own integrity—where your love took you.

You tried to own him. You emasculated him. You made him wrong for being hungry for another woman. And you dismissed your desire. It's like trying to put a hurricane inside a tiny box and shut the lid. Your game came between you and the deeper purpose you have.

When you were willing to wipe away the tears and look directly into the blaze of the fire before you, it was clear that you could own your power and become willing to release him.

And when you finally set him free, you got free, too. The pain dispersed. The love inside of you that tried to hurt the game could now flow out into the world.

He doesn't owe you a thing. You got what you came in for. He wanted you to get free. And you wanted that for him, too. That is why you agreed to play.

Liberation is funny.

It hurts, but it's weightless.

Agreement with the heartbreak—it is a new and deeper connection to yourself, to more of your own orgasm than you could ever see or feel before.

You release your attachment to outcome and surrender to knowing yourself deeply enough to be in your loneliness, your pain, your desperation, your joy, and your happiness. Every part of you is so clear and sharp you can let someone walk in and feel you completely—and walk out again without either one of you getting lost.

All you have to do is set him free and you get free, too.