Have An Orgasm Without Being Touched

by Pooja L.  Oct 8, 2013

In the first immersion of the Mastery Program this weekend in NYC, OneTaste's first Sexual Mastery Immersion, there was a demo of Orgasmic Meditation—Ken Blackman, our master stroker, stroked Nicole Daedone. It was powerful, potent, and gorgeous. And for me, it felt like as soon as Ken put his finger down on her clit something woke up deep inside of me. I could feel it rumbling. It felt feeling like I was in this new sort of space—we call it the 4th dimension the spirit world, orgasm. I call it the involuntary nervous system. I have never before felt it so potently inside of me. It felt electric and raw, with contractions in my pussy, my left index finger trembling.

988287_10153117517735494_227168795_nKen and Nicole spoke about how this thing happens when you start OMing—that you can experience the feeling of being stroked just by sitting at a group OM circle or watching a demo. We don't know exactly WHY that is—but my idea is that it has to do with the limbic system and the genitosensory cortex.

I work at Rutgers University Orgasm laboratory with Barry Komisaruk, PhD, and Nan Wise, CST, Phd cand, where we are currently using fMRI to map the sensory pathways of the female genitalia and establish the sequence of brain activity during climax. Specifically, we are using fMRI technology to characterize brain activity during self-stimulated climax versus partner-stimulated climax, through clitoral stroking. We have had some amazingly brave OMers donate their orgasms for this study (and their lovely strokers!). This study also includes mapping the genitalia, including nipple and clitoral stimulation, as well as thinking of erotic imagery and seeing how this activates brain regions associated with genital stimulation.

At Rutgers we have found that just thinking about something erotic activates this part of the brain—the genitosensory cortex, which is connected to limbic system structures.

Based on those facts, my idea is that OM the physical practice trains this part of our brain, so it comes into our consciousness. We build up the ability to access that sensation—and plug into it during our practice of OM. Then when we are sitting in a demo we can access it without being touched physically. This activates our limbic system and we all become connected in this shared experience. In my mind, that's the true feeling of being alive. Once you can access it, you can get there at any moment—no matter where you are or what the circumstances.