6 Tips to More TurnON

by OneTaste Living Library  Oct 4, 2013

TurnON is a way of life. It's our natural born state and it comes effortlessly. It's that smile that you can't help but flash after that attractive person flirts with you. It’s your heart racing at the thought of taking that next step in your career. It’s the heat that rushes through your body when you decide to take a risk. It’s the feeling you get when you know, without any doubt, that you are alive.

Today, Orgasm Daily shares 6 tips to having more TurnON in your life. You can do these today, from anywhere in the world. Try them, see what happens and tell us about what you discover in the comments below!

  1. Own up to where you are. The next time someone asks you how you are, actually tell them the truth. We are trained to gloss over uncomfortable feelings, especially anger, sadness, and fear. We’re also taught to dim our enthusiasm or conceal our good fortune, as if our happiness might offend someone. Today choose TurnON over manners. Manners don’t foster true connection anyway. Be honest about how you’re doing. Describe the sensations that go along with your mood. Above all, be genuine and let the other person feel you.

  2. Choose not to snooze. As soon as you wake up in the morning, get right out of bed. Use the extra time you would normally spend dozing to meditate or set your intention for the day. You’ll start off spacious instead of sleepy.

  3. Connect at eye level. Making eye contact with the people we pass by sounds easy—but it can feel hard to actually do. Eye contact creates intimacy and while intimacy is something that most of us say we want more of, it takes acceptance and commitment to stick with the sensations that closeness brings up. What sensations do you notice in your body when you connect with another person? What thoughts and emotions surface?

  4. Get uncomfortable. Much of the time what we call “discomfort” is actually just TurnON in disguise! That’s right, sweating hands, a racing heart, a dry mouth, and flutters in the stomach are all signs that your body is awake, alive, and turning ON. Today, give up the little efforts you make so people feel comfortable. Don’t deny them the experience of getting turned on! Give it to the world straight and let your body steep in the sensations of aliveness.

  5. Declare your TurnON. Today, change your Facebook status to {ON}. Decide that when given the choice, you will choose to get turned on and feel alive rather than close down or dampen sensation. Sometimes that’s all it takes to TurnON.

  6. Risk being revealed. Being seen is one of the best ways to get turned on—it’s that mixture of embarrassment at revealing and the desire to be exposed that really turns us on. Today leave your journal out where your lover can find it. Wear a skirt and skip the underwear (even if it’s windy out). Tell your cab driver a secret. Think of other simple ways to risk opening wider than you thought was possible.

TurnON brings about electricity in our bodies. This electricity brings out our authenticity. And authenticity brings about the kind of connection we crave in our world.

Become a generator and TurnON today and see what happens around you.