Six Things You Need to Know About Orgasmic Meditation

by Ken Blackman  Sep 25, 2013

As we've said, OM exploits the effects that female orgasm has on women and men. It gives her the direct orgasm she didn't think was available, and gives him the empathetic orgasm he didn't know he was hungry for.

OM isn't the only orgasmic practice—far from it!—but it does have some features that set it apart.l39CcANCnwloulDioLc4d1rFP8M6_O8GN3WY9RR-Xig

  1. OM is structured, almost ritualistic, which over time does two things: it quiets the vigilance center, and it provides a regular sequence that our bodies learn to equate with going into orgasm.
  2. OM uses the optimal combination of a super-dexterous finger stimulating a super-sensitive clitoris.
  3. OM has no interest in reciprocity or symmetry as stand-ins for mutual gratification. OM is unabashedly, unapologetically asymmetrical. Men enter the practice as strokers, and women as strokees—exclusively for an extended period—allowing OM to work its alchemy on them before they consider switching roles.
  4. Over time, OM completely upends our notions of service-providing, and even more fundamentally, of "giving" and "receiving." Each person can be seen as providing something that benefits the other.
  5. OM doesn't try to be everything. It isn't a replacement for sex or anything else we already have available to us. OM's benefits are large enough for it to not worry too much about what it isn't or what it doesn't provide.
  6. OM doesn't let anything attach to it. It has a strong aversion to being used as a bargaining chip or a doorway to something else.
In short, OM is focused on creating conditions conducive to female orgasm and is very protective of those conditions.