What Happened When My Attention Wandered in the Middle of a Stroke

by Harry Heck  Sep 12, 2013

I went on Saturday morning to meet my married friends’ new kitten that they had retrieved from a shelter.

My friends had just put down their old and dearly loved cat, and the kitten was new company for them and their remaining adult male cat, Sydney.

The kitten was as delightful as kittens could be.

Sydney, however, was going through a couple of things: grieving at the loss of his old friend and a little put out by the relentless rambunctious onslaught of this new kitten.

I put my hands on Sydney and, since he and I had not previously met, slowly and gently began handling him. He started a nice, deep purr.

My friends asked me some question that I do not remember. I looked away from Sydney to respond.

As I started to reply to the questions, Sydney turned his head and very purposefully sank his upper fangs gum-deep into my right forearm.

By Sunday afternoon, the veins running up my arm to my heart were turning red and I was off to the ER to get antibiotics.

The moral of the story: always pay attention to the pussy.