Think Orgasm Just Means Climax?

by Ken Blackman  Sep 7, 2013

OrgasmDaily-4Orgasmic Meditation is fundamentally about female orgasm—its nature and optimal conditions, its effects on women and men, and its impact on the rest of our lives.

So let's start with a concrete description of "female orgasm.” We have an intuitive sense of what orgasm is, and an inkling that it's different in women than in men. So let's begin with how men's bodies respond. It tends to be pretty consistent:

  • First, there's a spike in sensation.

  • Then there's what's called the point-of-no-return. That's where you know you're going to go over the edge, but before you actually do. So there's this period of time where you're in this involuntary, out-of-control state, with intense sensation.

  • Then there's ejaculation, there's contractions, etc.

  • And then a rapid loss of interest in continuing, loss of engorgement, a general feeling of done-ness, etc.

  • Then possibly hyper-sensitivity, and a recovery period before your genitals are back in action.

So let's call this climax.

Many women experience climax—some readily, some under certain conditions. But a much higher percentage of women experience the major components of orgasm—certainly the same intensity of sensation, the contractions, activation of the involuntary musculature, going into an out-of-control state, etc.—but in a more extended, rounded way, without that spiky, sneeze-like quality, or the feeling of abruptly passing through a one-way exit door. This kind of orgasm can continue for long periods, come and go in waves, etc. The endpoint isn't marked by climax but by feeling totally gratified.

As far as we know, most if not all women are capable of experiencing orgasm. And recent studies of Theta waves in the brain have led some researchers to conclude that a woman's orgasmic experience is up to ten times the intensity of a man's.

So if we define orgasm in terms of what women's bodies are capable of, we find that it's bigger, broader, longer in duration, more intense, more continuous, and actually easier to achieve than the climax that we're familiar with from men's experience.

By far the most common and most effective route to female orgasm is direct stimulation of the clitoris. Given the proper stimulation, all women are capable of experiencing orgasm, from the first stroke to the last.