The Orgasm Factory in Black Rock City

by OneTaste Living Library  Sep 7, 2013

P8270040If there was anything that we learned from our trip to Black Rock City with the Orgasm Factory camp, it would be this: next year, pack a bigger dome.

This year we brought orgasm out to the strange, dusty, moon-like terrain of Burning Man. Nestled into a neighborhood called Honeysuckle Village, where workshops of all kinds were being offered, passersby would stop and read the schedule of the many different daily classes available and would find:

The Art of Pussy Stroking - offered daily.

We were right at home.


Folks were lining up around the block. Rangers were stopping to regulate the sea of burner bikes that were overflowing into the street. We packed 150 sweaty bodies into the dome at the height of the heat of the day, and another 150 people around the outside to stand on the perimeter looking in. I saw men moved to tears by the demonstration of a woman in orgasm. I saw couples nuzzle and kiss at the end of class, relieved to be reminded about the power of connection. We were one big happy and dusty orgasmic family.

P8270034Of course there was a second, deeper lesson that myself and the rest of the camp crew dropped into as we drove home and unpacked all of our dusty possessions. The last time I was at Burning Man - 5 years ago, just weeks before I had learned Orgasmic Meditation - I remember that coming home was just a little bit painful. It was painful to be back to the grind where the world is scheduled and that playful magic that makes connection feel instant and effortless felt like it was only possible that one week a year in Black Rock City.

Re-entry did not feel that way this year. This year I came home and the Orgasm Factory team was there to lead our Turn ON East Bay community event that very evening. P8300083Orgasmic Meditation was here at home and we were welcomed with open arms back to the community where connection is just what we do. That feeling is no longer restricted to just one week a year that we all wait for in hopeful anticipation - we get to live here every day. Not only that, but now over 1000 people who learned about OM out on the playa can come and join in the party. This year during re-entry, all I feel is gratitude.