The Tales of an OMing Doula

by OneTaste Living Library  Sep 1, 2013

I arrive home pent-up and hungry after a long day of seeing clients. Another client seems to be approaching labor and I'm worried because she just found out her baby is in a breech position. An impromptu OM circle is forming at my home. Perfect! I toss together a sandwich while others make nests. We have two strokers and three women. My dear friend offers to sit out because she's OMed a few times that day already. She keeps time and holds space.

Everyone knows I could get called to a birth at any moment. I chow my sandwich and hop into the nest. We have one OM and then switch partners. During the second OM the phone rings—I know it's my client in labor. I ask my friend to bring me the phone. I take the call from the nest—my stroker holds the still point of contact. Indeed my client is moving into labor and is ready for me to make my way soon. I ask my friend how much time is left—9 min.

I tune in with the right stroke in the moment and I feel clearly that finishing the OM is the best move. I know that she doesn't need me to rush and that jumping into an adrenalized mode as I sometimes do in those moments is not going to help me show up full for her. I allow myself to be even more present in the OM dropping all the way into total surrender to my orgasm.

We share frames.

I grab my birth bag and head out the door. I have all my OM buddies chanting, "Through the pussy" and my prayer is that this breech baby will get to be born vaginally. I get a call in my driveway—they want to meet at the hospital. Perfect, I will get there before them because I live closer. I'm feeling affirmed in my instinct to finish the OM.

195042_10151225296364874_630371519_oI make it to the hospital before my clients with time to spare. I am calm, full and turned on. Ready to be there for them on their journey through birth wherever it may take them. The breech position of their baby which "standard of care" says should be an automatic c-section is concerning. But I know they have the most liberal OB in the county and my fingers are crossed that a miracle might take place. And it does! Against all odds the universe lines up to support them. The mom is progressing rapidly and is 8 cm dilated. The OB is trained and experience in breech deliveries and is willing to take a stand against the system and offer her a vaginal delivery. The couple is strong and willing to take the risk to have their baby born naturally.

I am humbled and grateful to witness my first ever vaginal breech birth. I am lucky I have a OneTaste coach who is a midwife who I can text with in the middle of the night to share my desires and passion as the process unfolds. And so grateful to the strength and courage of this mama and the power of the pussy to give birth! And somehow I can't help but think that my OM practice touched this birth in some way. That showing up turned on, oozing with oxytocin makes a difference in my work. Thank you OM!