Welcome to Orgasm Daily!

by Bez Stone  Aug 9, 2013

We at Orgasm Daily are devoted to all things orgasm.

And when we say "orgasm," we're not just talking about that intense moment of climax during sex.

We're talking about something much larger and even more important.

By our definition, orgasm includes everything that happens when we surrender to the involuntary. It's that spark inside of us that knows intuitively what our intellect can't quite grasp. It's the animation that keeps us up at night fervently pursuing our passions. It's that tender, embarrassing part of us that we desperately want to keep hidden from view—and that we desperately want to let out to the light.

Orgasm inspires true connection, the kind that cuts through the surface and accesses who we really are. And by definition, when we open up our orgasm we can't know what's going to happen next.

Orgasm Daily is devoted to this force.

Welcome to the new definition of orgasm.