Street Art and Female Orgasm

by Dette Chimalpopoca  Aug 9, 2013

There is a lot of street and guerrilla art about pussies. Just Google “street art vagina” and dive in the sea of colors, shapes, and sizes. Most of these depictions are portrayed exquisitely and appear to praise the pussy. Some integrate music or are educational like this pretty stencil from Turkey. One of the most interesting pussy artists is Emma Buggy, a young British artist better known as “Miss Vagina Head,” who has pushed boundaries by designing vagina shoes, plastering vaginas in the corners of cities, and performing on the streets with a vagina sculpture on her head. She belongs to a collective of female artists devoted to spreading love of the pussy. Their name: The ClitorArty (check them out, they are fantastic!). It was the name of this collective that pushed me to search for clitoral street art; sadly the outcome of my search was depressing. I found a few tags and mottos here and there, but I couldn’t find a proper street art depiction of the clitoris. I was not surprised, especially after noticing the amount of images making fun of the clitoris and those who try to enjoy it. It would be lovely to find a piece devoted to the clit, showing its entire anatomy which to me looks like an abstract swan creature. The only thing that cured my disappointment a bit was this clit balloon. Another big absentee in my street art search was orgasm. Again, it’s quite easy to find tags with the word itself or with a cock shooting semen—but not much more. Male orgasm was reduced to that final explosive moment and there were no expressions of female orgasm. This is puzzling: how come one of the greatest experiences you could have is not out there dabbed raw on a wall as it should be? Street art—you have disappointed me this time.