First OM Survey Shows Positive Benefits for OMers

by Mark Gottlieb  Aug 9, 2013

Just over a year ago, OneTaste performed its first comprehensive survey to look at the benefits of OMing. The results are an impressive demonstration of how OMing positively impacts the lives of those who practice. The survey looked at the following five benefits: ability to reach climax, the experience of pleasure, becoming closer to partners, increase in vitality, and increased happiness. For the first issue of Orgasm Daily's Science Page, we wanted to present the most significant findings of the survey:

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  • 279 Omers responded to the survey—153 women and 126 men.

  • 60% of those responding said that OMing had changed their lives.

  • 95% indicated that, as a result of OMing, they had experienced one of the five benefits surveyed.

  • 90% of men and 90% of women reported receiving at least two of the five benefits listed in the survey.

Some of the most commonly reported benefits from OMing were:

  • 60% of women reported that OMing increased their capacity to feel pleasure.

  • 75% of men reported that OMing helped them feel closer to their partners.

  • 52% of the men and 50% of the women reported that OMing increased their overall happiness.

As our efforts to encourage the scientific validation and understanding of OM grow, we hope to have future surveys look more closely at the many benefits of OMing and correlate them to specifics about people’s OMing practice, such as length of time they have OMed and number of OMs per week. This will enable us to draw more exact conclusions about the medical, psychological, and personal benefits of having an OM practice.

The OneTaste OM Benefits Survey was developed and administered by San Francisco lead staffer Marcus Ratnathicam with the help of marketing expert Harlan Kilstein. Charles Bolton did the data analysis. Mark Gottlieb performed statistical analysis and interpreted the survey findings.

Thank you to everyone who took the survey. We look forward to your participation in future OneTaste surveys.

Mark Gottlieb holds a BS in mathematics and an MS in Nuclear Engineering from MIT. He has served as an engineer and scientist with the US EPA, the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, and the California Department of Health Services, where he received a superior accomplishment award in 2000 for developing regulatory and patient safety protocols for radiation equipment used in the treatment of brain cancer. He retired in 2011 and presently serves as Chief Scientific Officer at OneTaste, Inc.