The Tenets of OM in Sex

by OneTaste New York  Aug 8, 2013

Someone asked me the other day, “What's the next fantasy you want fulfilled?” And they said it in this way where I knew they meant BDSM, or group sex, or some kind of acrobatic position or newfangled toy. Which is awesome—but not my fantasy right now.

The truth is this is my fantasy right now: to feel God through my sex.

I've had it and felt it, it seems to be ever-evolving, and I want even more of it. I want to feel my humanness and feel the deepest levels of surrender I can access. I want to sink inside my sex to its point of origin where timelessness sets in and we are traveling and fucking in the liminal space where form and boundaries seem to dissolve and there is just a felt sense of what to do next. Where every cell of my body is saturated with orgasm and vibrating with aliveness. Where I feel like the droplet of water about to fall from the leaf for the entire duration of the fucking.

Here the tenets of OM begin to come into play and reveal themselves as navigational tools to use in these realms of immersion and involuntary:

Feel, not formula. I don't know what wants to happen next but something in me knows and knows how to feel its way through the experience with precision. I have to release every impulse to rely on linear lovemaking or assumptions about what should happen next. In that space of not-knowing, my body simply moves in the most resonant and sensational way.

Be willing to let go of looking good in favor of being vulnerable. In this depth of connection, I don't get to look good. I don't get to have perfect makeup and my body is revealed in all its imperfections. To surrender to the next most sensational stroke is to allow him to see me fully as I am.

Speak from the sensation. Words carry so much power. They can facilitate and lubricate my way more deeply into the sensation of being immersed in connection, or they can jar me out of it. Here it is vital to speak from the sensation—to touch down into the root of what I am feeling in my body and then instruct and guide him from there. To put the sensation into my words as I say them and to let him feel me inside of every word.

Stay connected no matter what. If I feel the connection get thinner or wane, something subtle needs to shift. He needs to slow down, or I need to get my voice out, or we need to sink in more and move our bodies less. Willingness to communicate here and to stay open in the face of a diminished sense of surety is key.

In this way, each tenet appears in my mind at the very moment I begin to not know what to do next, leading me through the experience like a softly guiding hand.

This kind of sex is like an instruction manual for how to live a life that is built into my body and the fabric of who I am. It reminds me that all there is to do is surrender to the stroke, again and again. It builds in me an unwavering faith that I am held and taken care of and loved beyond measure at every turn.

This is the sex that is our birthright as human beings, and OM is the vehicle with which we can use to traverse more and more complex and felt-rather-than-seen realms of connection.