Bioelectric Fields from the Clitoris

by Mark Gottlieb  Aug 8, 2013

Breaking News! There are scientific reasons for all those buzzing, electric, tingling feelings we have during OM. Ever wonder what is going on? Read on about the physics of getting physical.

Orgasmic Meditation (OM for short) is a partnered meditation practice where the stroker, often a man, strokes a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes in an attentive, mindful way for a shared experience of female orgasm. The practice, philosophy, and scientific basis of OM are promoted by OneTaste, Inc., an international corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California.

When the clitoris is stroked, a powerful magnetic field is produced around the spot on the clitoris that is stroked. This produces the intense sensation that strokers feel in their stroking finger via electromagnetic induction. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerves mostly clustered in spots. The clitoris has the highest concentration of nerves in the human body and is the place where the greatest sensation can occur. Each spot on the clitoris has hundreds of nerves in a very small area. Stroking any one of these spots causes many of these nerves to fire simultaneously, producing the sensations we associate with OM.430475_10151310994800494_2118974281_n

When nerves fire, there is a movement of electrical charge in the nerve called action potential. This brief movement of charge creates electric and magnetic fields for the duration of the movement. While all nerves share this characteristic, when the clitoris is stroked many hundreds of nerves fire simultaneously producing much more movement of electric charge and much stronger electric and magnetic fields than a single nerve would normally produce. These fields from the clitoris will pulsate with the rhythm, or frequency, of the strokes.

There is a phenomena explained by electromagnetic theory in physics known as electromagnetic induction. Simply put, a magnetic field produced by electric current in one conducting element—say an electric wire—will produce an electric current in an adjacent conducting element—say another electric wire. This is the basis for electric transformers, which are common electrical equipment. Another name for this phenomena is inductive coupling. During OM, inductive coupling literally couples the stroker and strokee. The resulting orgasm is truly shared on a physical level.

The nerves in the tip of the stroker’s index finger are very close to the strokee’s nerves on the surface of her clitoris. The movement of electric charge produced by the simultaneous firing of many nerves in a spot on strokee’s clitoris is much larger than the movement of electric charge ordinarily produced in the stroker’s finger from normal touching. The stroker’s finger is quite literally overloaded with electric charge, resulting in the intense sensation that strokers often feel in their stroking finger when they OM. Many strokers describe these sensations in terms that depict electric sensation: electric, buzzing, tingling, sparking, prickling, numbing, magnetic, hot.

The “resonant stroke” we talk about in OM—which optimizes the sensation experienced by the stroker and strokee—might be explained by the stroker optimizing the magnetic field his stroking produces from the strokee’s clitoris based on the length, location, frequency, direction, and pressure of his strokes. A stroker can literally use the sensation in his stroking finger as a kind of “OM Meter.”

Humorously, there are electrical meters known as “Volt Ohm” meters. The Ohm is a unit of electrical resistance named after Georg Ohm, a German physicist who established Ohm’s Law early in the development of electromagnetic theory in 1827 that relates voltage and current by means of electrical resistance. If only he had known of OM!