Since starting in OM, I’ve lost 33 lbs in 12 weeks by Roy P

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 4, 2012

By: Roy P. nnI have not been able to OM for a week and also missed last week's TurnOn Sonoma due to harvest in Napa. I have felt its absence. This little mini-break has allowed me to reflect a bit on how TurnOn, OM and The Hub has affected me, so I thought I would share some insights on it.nnI find all three are necessary for me and all three have their own place, as part of a whole dynamic.nnTurnOn got the ball rolling for me in so many ways and is changing what I think being a man is and even what a human is and can be. Seeing so many other caring people share their feelings, their insecurities, their disappointments and their hopes is breaking down my defenses and showing me the possibilities. It is harder for my ego to tell me I am some 'mistake' or that I am less happy than everyone else anymore. I see just how much we are all alike behind our differences! And since my ego can't fool me into believing it's lies quite as much, I am more open to possibilities.nnOM actually does the 're-wiring' of who I am. I have said in many 'frames' that I feel a current moving from my finger, through her clit and into her body. At that point the energy cycles within her and comes back into me at the point where her hands touch my left leg or my back during the OM. The energy that leaves my finger feels markedly different than the energy that comes back into me by her touch, but I can sense it is the same energy that originally left me.... just transformed. It really does feel like being re-built. This re-wiring does not just happen during the OM, but continues for some time afterwards. Just as a good workout helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and not by the calories burned in the workout, so OM works on me for hours and days later, more than while the OM is happening.nnThe Hub is for a place to me to refine my understanding, build community and to 'pay it forward.' I feel like I know many people here (even some I've never met in person) in some ways more than I have known some people for years, all because of what is shared here. nnIn my mind there is an even grander possibility... to make the whole world a better place. The Course In Miracles says that 'A miracle can cross time and space and have effects in the distant future and with people you will never know.' This community is a small miracle. We live in a world where despite technology promising to bring us closer together, people are feeling ever more lonely. We have a small group that is swimming against this tide and it is a beautiful thing. We are trying to heal ourselves and each other one moment and one stroke and one sharing and one broken heart at a time. I believe that what we do can help other people even if they never OM, never hear of this practice or even dislike this practice! Healing is simply not limited. Thank you to everyone here for doing such great work. I am honored to be part of it with you all.nnAnd, since starting to OM, I've lost 33 pounds in 12 weeks. I notice that even if I am hungry before and OM or TurnOn, it tends to go away, and stay away, after for the rest of the night. I suspect eating might be effected differently for each person, some want more and some less, but I am not surprised there is some kind of effect. OMing effects everything.n