I’m a little awkward. He’s a little awkward by Nancy C.

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 4, 2012

I am surprised and taken back by how he turns me on. He sat next to me as we listened during the seminar. My heart was racing. I started to sweat. Oh my God, my heart was in my throat. Inside myself I'm out of control. I think to myself, 'I don't think I can hide this. I think he's feeling everything I'm feeling.' I'm trying to be cool. Not possible. He turns and looks directly into my eyes...I slowly turn and look at him. We smile and both turn back and listen. Oh my God ~ what is going to happen at the end of this day? I'm a little awkward. He's a little awkward. And then we're given instructions to find a OM partner. I don't think I can handle if he asks me. He's too handsome. He's too intense. He's too centered. He's too kind and gentle. He's too...perfect for me. Oh no and now it's the moment of having to move and he turns right to me, 'would you like to have an OM?' 'Yes, thank you.' 'We'll be over here.' nn'Okay,' I say. Fuck. Motherfucker. Shit. Jesus. I'm going to blow up. I use the restroom. I put my head in my hands. Oh no! He's going to see my pussy. Jesus. There's no neutrality here for me. I am going to be obliterated in about 10 minutes from now. Can I look any more self-conscious? I return and he looks across the room at me and smiles. Fuck. Okay, Okay, Okay I'm coming. I take a sip of water and head to the nest. And we begin. We get in position and he does something that no one else has done ~ He turns to me and says, 'Thank you.' Why does this touch me so much; I can hardly speak. I touch his arms and nod, yes. My throat is closed but my eyes say I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. He grounds me and my heart starts to cry, cry with desire, cry for all the years of lack of expression of my desire. It's a joyful cry and is low key, gentle. He starts to do noticing. I feel like I'm seen in a way that I never knew could happen ~ it's the sound of his voice that is showing me what he's seeing. He's seeing into my heart through my pussy ~ I feel exquisite sensation pulsing through my body and then he downstrokes. A big breath. I feel grounded and robust, calmer, peacefully excited. But you know what I love the most. The Leg. The Leg across my belly. The musculature, the strength, the security of the leg...... the rest of the OM goes great, sharing adjustments, dissolving and grounding, peaking and re-entry ~ sharing frames ~ and back to class.n