I have jumped in head first. 18 OMs so far by Brittany E.

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 4, 2012

My first OM was 8 days ago, followed by a second and third the same day. Prior to OM, I never thought i would be comfortable taking my pants off, exposing my thighs (a part of my body in which i was quite sensitive about), butterflying my legs open and letting a stranger have the opportunity to look at me fully, in all the areas i didn't want to be looked at, let alone touched. There were A LOT of tears in the beginning but I knew this was going to change my life in a way that nothing else could. I have jumped in head first. 18 OMs so far. I don't even recognize the person I was just a short while ago. My voice is coming out. I am speaking up. I am sharing my desires. I am noticing the sounds of nature in a way I never have. I am tuning into the intricate details of what turns me on. I am riding each edge that surfaces and once I do, the edge seems to disappear. I am finally living and breathing life. I am falling in love with myself.