The Official Week of TurnON

by OneTaste Living Library  Oct 15, 2012


Welcome to the Official Week of TurnON

nnWe're kicking off the official week of TurnON! It is a week full of tips, insight and discovery of how to have more TurnON in your life. Here's how it goes....nnYou TurnON. nThen your friends, nThen your block, nThen your city, nThen your country, nThen OUR world. nnWatch the quick video below to learn about TurnON and how you can have more of it in your life.nnEnjoy!nn want to hear from you: nnOn a scale of 1-10 (1 being you're not turned on at all, 10 being your completely turned on) how TurnedON are you in your daily life?nnWhat daily practice do you to keep you TurnedON?nnTell us in the comment section below. nnHere's to your TurnON!nnJLV nnPS. Keep your eyes open for our next TurnON video coming this week.