My Story by Pooja L.

by OneTaste Living Library  Oct 11, 2012

nnBy Pooja L.nnAnd, I noticed I was actuallly just telling my story. I automatically start sparkling when I'm talking about how om has changed me. The man that I sold the how to om class was recently divorced and super lonely.nnSo, I told him my story - how I married a man who didn't satisfy me. I was lonely even though he loved me so much. I didn't know how to show him what I wanted, so I became critical, shamed him for not knowing how to read my mind. And now, through OMing - I see men so differently. I am much more gentle and kind. I view men as human beings, too. Not robots. With faults and insecurities that need to be handled with care. Just like I want to be handled with care. I found out that I want to be friends with men, not just try to get something from them!nnWhen I told him, he just lit up! Like all he was looking for was a kind, gentle woman. And by me sharing how I learned that about myself, it helped him feel my turn on and gave him hope that women do want to be kind and generous.