OM: Choosing Feeling over Sound

by OneTaste Living Library  Sep 22, 2012

nnBy Rafael M.nnThere are few things in life that I like more than the sounds a womannmakes. They range from song to sigh, from yell to whisper,from gentleninhale to forceful grunt, and of course from pleasurable whimper to allnout orgasmic screams. There are a myriad range of emotions and messagesnthat a woman is known to express through sounds. I know that as a man Inhave been acutely trained to listen for those, they indicate to menapproval, displeasure, anger, joy, and during sex I was taught; they toldnme when she was having pleasure. Surely every adult movie I'd ever seenncould not be wrong.nThere in lies the crux, that because those sounds all have a value attachednto them, they are influenced by each individual woman's reaction to thatnvalue, how she percieves herself, the partner she is with and even thenappropriateness of the situation. When Meg Ryan let her fake orgasm loosento Billy Crystal's chagrin, she wasn't just blowing his trust in a woman'sncommunication, she was also publicly pointing out how we all have agreed tonthis form of communication and how often we have led and been led astray bynit.nSo what to do? Luckily for us who practice Orgasmic Meditation, it isnsimple; ignore the sounds she makes and listen to what you feel in yournbody as the stroker. She may be making sounds that go hand in hand with whatnshe feels, but her body never lies and your body as the stroker IS listening. Nownyou just need to keep practicing how to listen. Make offers to calibratednyour stroke so you can feel her more and listen to her adjustments, andnsoon enough you will both be able to feel each other deeply, and the soundsnwill no longer determine the ride, they will instead become an extra andnenjoyable layer of all the sensations to be shared between you and yournpartner.nn nnOrgasmic Meditation teaches both partners to drop the conditioned responses to sex and be with the simple sensation that arises at the point of connection.