Dispatches from an OM trainer

by OneTaste Living Library  Sep 12, 2012

nn By Eli B.nnI want to see if I can transmit something to you.nnI OM train this couple. We had our second session tonight. In our first session I was the Grinch who stole Christmas. Let me explain. They told me, straight faced, that they OM'd with a commerce component - she would suck his cock after OMing. I approved, and suggested that perhaps while this seemed like a good idea in the short term, the long-term benefits of cutting that out would be worth-while. I painted a picture of what that might look like some day and they seemed satisfied. As they rolled in tonight, the resentment was so thick, I could feel it in my nostrils. We sit down, and they start out slow until he explodes and throws up his arms in exasperation and surprise. 'I just do it because SHE likes it. She's more fun to be around!' Oh if he only knew just how much fun he had in store. She sits there, pensive, I can feel her trying to figure out whether this is really worth it for her, whether this amount of instability is worth enduring for the possibility of more. So far, she has pissed off her husband on the advice of several compelling strangers and what has she won? A half a weeks OM homework completed and one grouchy man to take home. So I reiterate - this is like venture capital - its not the short term payoff of commerce-based relating, it's the long term benefit of being true, and engaging in an unapologetically asymmetrical practice where a woman gets to fill up on pleasure. But what was in it for him? I steadily explained using my own experience how pleasure is created, not given or taken. Whatever.nnSo they have the OM. It's awful. He is giving her this resentful, hard, fast grounding pressure on her legs. She tells him to slow down, he does, barely. Then his stroke - it's fast and rubbing. There is no sensation. I take the risk with his already taxed ego 'slow down. more... more still. And lighter.' The top 4 buttons on his shirt and undone and I can feel the heat and steam coming off his body as he efforts to slow down.nnAnd then the most remarkable thing happens.nnHer body begins to go into contractions, and she starts to get off. All on his own, he lightens up and slows down, and stays with her. And he starts to smile. And smiles bigger, and bigger and his wife's body dances on the edge of his finger. It was 15 seconds of pure sensation, pure connection and getoff that only 15 minutes prior had seemed like it was lifetime away. And for the rest of the OM, they felt soft. And afterwards when we're back on the couch, they look at eachother tenderly. And I ask them to share 2 things they're leaving with. Her second is gratitude for the man who gets dragged into thing after thing she wants to do. His is that he slowed down and felt.nnIt was the best hour I've had in weeks. Hands down.