5 Steps to Handling a Woman

by Marcus Ratnathicam  Sep 5, 2012
  1. Learn how to stroke her pussy better than she can. If you're doubting your abilities here then you probably need training.

  2. Quit her before she quits you. Leaving a few chips on the table has your dealer hold your spot at the table and has you with an ante to play the next hand (be it days weeks or years later).

  3. Zip her back up before you go. If you're going to take a woman where she can't take herself, then it follows that it's your responsibility to bring her back. Ground, share frames, talk about what you just experienced. Tell her you liked it. (bonus: tell her she did a good job).

  4. Never underestimate the influence of her pussy. If she's not turned on, nothing's turned on. Paying attention to just her words is like following politics without tracing the money - it just won't make sense.

  5. A full woman can please you better than you could ever ask her to please you. Your attention on 'getting yours' means less attention on her which means she's less full which means she's sucking your cock from obligation. No fun.

Orgasmic Meditation teaches men and women to relate on a wholly new, dynamic and ever changing level. It allows men to learn to navigate the terrain of the feminine and gives women permission to speak their desire and live as a turned-on woman in all aspects of her life. When both sexes show up as whole, full human beings, a new level of play is possible, in OM and in life.