OM as Liberator

by OneTaste Living Library  Aug 22, 2012

nnBy Emily P.nnI want to share how Orgasmic Meditation has affected my life. I have been OMing on a regular basis for about 5 months, ranging from 1 to 6 times daily. The electrical circuitry in my body is undergoing a transformation. I feel incredible sensation, electricity, warmth, and tingling throughout that previous to OMing I had only accessed via sustained breathing exercises on rare occasions.nnMy pussy has been liberated. I have a history of vaginal pain and discomfort, especially during intercourse. Because of the sustained focus and attention on my pussy, it has been softening and melting into the love and care it feels through my OMs. I now walk with a wet and humming pussy. My pussy is receiving precisely the touch and attention it needed to heal and completely turn-on. Instead of bracing myself when a man places his cock or finger near my pussy, I engage and feel a rush of heat and excitement. This has transformed the quality and connection of my sexual experiences. I am having sustained, connected, deep intercourse for hours at a time, which has never been attainable in the past. I used to think that I didn't like oral sex, but I realize now that my pussy had just shut down. Now that it is awakening, oral sex is fantastic!nnThrough Orgasmic Meditation, my capacity to delve into the depths of my sexuality is growing. Prior to beginning this practice, I had always been the giver sexually. I derived greatest pleasure from pleasing my partner. Because the emphasize in OM is on the woman receiving and allowing herself to feel whatever is present for her, I am finally allowing myself to receive pleasure in all of my sexual interactions. It feels so amazing! It is revolutionizing the way I interact with men and lovers. Also, I've noticed that I' am allowing myself to receive more from my friends and family as well: receive their love, warmth, acceptance, help, offers, and critiques. Greater intimacy and connection is a natural result of my OM practice and I can not wait to see what else unfolds.nn nnOM provides women and men a wide range of healing and depths of connection previously considered unattainable. The freedom, discovery and power available through this practice is the key to having men and women feel confident, ignited and turned on in their lives.