Pleasure as Medicine

by OneTaste Living Library  Aug 16, 2012

nnBy Dianne S.nnIf you are a woman or a man considering starting an Orgasmic Meditation practice, my advice to you is.....JUMP IN! This simple practice has changed my life and the lives of my family in so many ways.nI am 49 years old, a mother of three teenage boys, having been married to the guy I met in college for the past 27 years. Like most busy parents I know, sex took a back seat for far too many years, and while my husband and I have always been close friends, I had begun feeling empty, uninspired and yeah...dried up- especially after going trough menopause at 42. I had a collection of powerful practices to keep me going physically and emotionally including yoga and meditation (I am a yoga teacher) but there was this place inside of me that just was not being reached. I couldn't name it but I had a hunch there was something more.nnWhile doctors started talking about hormone replacement, I started doing some research and ended up finding some fascinating women doing some cutting edge work on how to feed this hunger that I and many of my friends seemed to be experiencing. First I found Regena Thomashauer, leader of the Pleasure Revolution and through connections there I found Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste. I started an OM practice one year ago and everything has changed! Feeling hydrated, alive, creative, passionate and full of desire has become my natural state rather then random little surprise episodes. And I feel so connected to my husband, my kids and the world around me! Talk about sustainability!nnWho would have guessed the solution would be tapping into the enormous pleasure reservoir we can access through 8 thousand tiny nerve endings? Because of the ignition and sustainable turn on that OM has cultivated in me, I am enrolled in the One Taste Coaching program beginning this fall and cannot wait to dive in deeper and share this beautiful practice with the world.nn nnOM gives women access to their bodies and pleasure in an entirely new way. By giving 15 minutes a day to explore what feels good to you and your body, a whole new experience of of who we are and what our life can be unfolds.