OM and the Art of Having

by Hamza Tayeb  Aug 14, 2012

On any given day, my life is focused on the art of getting. Getting paid, getting well, getting attention, getting relief, getting sex, getting stuff, getting ahead. I think we live in a get-centric culture. I have had a lot encouragement and education on how to get. Lacking the ability (or even the ambition) to get is seen as a real problem. Every hollywood movie ends once the characters have “gotten” - victory, fulfillment, the relationship. It’s like, OK folks, they’ve overcome all odds, they’ve gotten, there’s nothing left to see, go home now.

What I was never taught was the art of having.

Enter Orgasmic Meditation into my life over 4 years ago. With OM, the landscape of the getting-game is changed forever. OM says, OK, here you go. Here is the experience of simple, direct, powerful connection with another human being. Not only with another human, but with a woman in orgasm. There is so much potency there as a man, looking down at her pussy and stroking, feeling all that power and sensation. And you don’t need to do anything further to get it. The question became for me, “how do I have this? How do I actually take it in?”

That is where my conditioning on “getting” just blew a fuse. It has nothing to say about that experience. It sort of looks at OM sideways and says, “...huh?”

In some ways, having is the superior art to getting. Everything I have ever gotten that I didn’t have the ability to have (to fully accept without guilt), rapidly became a thorn in the side. No sooner than I got it did I set about trying to get rid of it. I have done that with relationships, with possessions, with achievements, even health.

I can’t think of anything that has entered my life that has taught the art of having better than OM. With OM, my get-focused way of being tries to climb up a slippery slope. I can’t really get anywhere in an OM, so I just slip back to the beginning. Back to basics, all the time. There’s nothing to do but carry out these very simply steps, and then just be with the experience at hand. The elements are so simple, and yet the experience so rich.

OM continues to teach me this simple, profound sense of having, of tuning into the actual experience at hand. As that practice extends into all realms in my life, OM continues to be the arena where I practice the art of having.

OM brings a different quality of experience to life, one where there is dynamic range and interplay between giving, getting and receiving. We learn through OM what areas we are skilled at, where we are deficient and what parts of us can grow, stretch and change.