True to Who I Am

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 25, 2012

nnBy Hart H. nnI’ve been practicing orgasmic meditation for over a year. I’ve only committed to a daily practice for a few months and yet I’ve learned more about myself in this short time than in the 35 years of therapy that preceded it.nnI decided in May to take the OneTaste Coaching Program. I was overjoyed and terrified at the same time to make such a big, life changing decision. Right after making the decision, my daily OMs begin to be yucky and I felt sick to my stomach all the time. I talked to a coach at One Taste and she asked me what I was afraid of. I begin to face the fears that surround this practice for me and going forward with the coaching program.nnThe biggest fear I had was telling my very conservative family. My parents are retired missionaries. I decided to tell them because I couldn’t feel much worse than I already felt. I called and of course I had to explain OM and coaching and talk about the forbidden “sex” stuff we had always avoided. My Mom said, “Well, we can’t call it an orgasmic meditation coach” here (in the south), we’ll have to tell people you are an intimacy coach.” My dad said, “Can you actually make money doing that?” Their responses were actually less shocked than I expected. I’ve since told my sister, and extended family at a big family reunion. When, at the dinner table, I was asked to explain I took a big breath and said, “I teach people how to have deep connections with others through female orgasm.” It was pretty quiet after that.nnWhen I got up from the table, EVERY woman followed me into the den to ask more questions. I had 5 of Nicole Daedone’s Slow Sex books in my car and gave EVERY ONE OF THEM away! I directed them all to the OneTaste website. Since then, every time I call a relative I say, “Hi it’s me. The Orgasmic Meditation coach…..” Recently, my mom got a new ceiling fan for the veranda. It was so beautiful she said that it, “Gave her an orgasm”. I was surprised and delighted. She just turned 80. I guess we are all lifetime learners.nn nn nnSharing who we really are and what we're truly passionate about can often be scary, especially when it comes to family! When we are willing to say what is true we not only free ourselves but give others permission to be honest about who they are, too.