Awakening Desire

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 4, 2012

nnBy Eric S.nnIt used to be that desire was an idea. An idea that I wanted to touch or be touched. An idea that I wanted to fuck this or that woman. It was an idea that I could avoid or ignore or regret. I remember many times thinking, 'It sucks to want something that I'm never going to have.'nnAnd then along came OM. I started OMing nearly every day, and as the weeks stretched into months my desire began to awaken. I started to feel blood rush through my veins, to feel my pulse pound, to feel a warm delicious churn in my stomach and a throb in my cock. This would happen during OMs and at other times. The more I OMed the more I felt and the more I felt the more I OMed.nnNow I walk around feeling like I have a crush on life. Desire is a compelling, flawless, undeniable force. A body-wide ache, a feeling as if my body is made of boiling sugar. A feeling of wanting that is enjoyable in and of itself.nn nnEric pretty much said it for us. It is possible for the physical sensation of wanting to be as pleasurable as the having; for desire itself to be a thing we enjoy feeling rather than a thing we rush to fill. The itch can last and expand and evolve, the scratch is over in a moment.