What Drew Me to OM?

by OneTaste Living Library  May 28, 2012

By Mayan

My first introduction to Orgasmic Meditation was after reading Nicole Daedone’s book Slow Sex. The practice appealed to me as an avenue to explore connection to a woman and ultimately lead to richer sexual experiences.

As a male there is an immeasurable amount of conflicting advice on how to connect with women, and after experimenting with varying success, it seemed clear there is not one magic formula. OM as a practice promised to cultivate something more profound and authentic. Internalising the connection, dropping the agendas and programming, just following sensation.

6 months later, and still no OM. I came across a community of OM practitioners and decided to make the most of my stay with some coaching. My first assignment was to interview a female and male about their first OM’ing experiences, accounts of which varied substantially from scared to guilty to hyper aware and feeling tingling sensations. My coach explained that I would have my own relationship to this practice through my own experience, and the conversations were to show me that OM did not necessarily have to look or feel like anything in particular. There was no right, wrong, win or lose. And not worrying about failing is liberating in it of itself, especially with a sexual practice.

My current insight, about 15 OM’s in.. is that the subtleties of the practice have begun to highlight the carry-over-effects into sex and other areas of life. The ability to be with uncomfortable sensation, surrendering to the experience, practicing goal-less-ness, not trying to produce desired sensations, and simply being aware of, giving permission, and communicating the sensation in my body.

I feel that what initially drew me to OM was a skepticism of whether all the promises could be a reality. From my experience so far I feel that I have unearthed new growth in connection to myself and with women by embracing OM as part of my life.

It's no joke this OM stuff, it really works. Connection, sensitivity to physical sensation, ability to receive, ability to be with uncomfortable sensation, ability to communicate our needs, desires and boundaries, confidence and stability… These are all profound benefits of the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. We are sure it has improved our lives, what might it do for you?