Orgasmic Nutrition

by OneTaste Living Library  May 28, 2012

nnBy Jenny S.nnI was born in Phoenix, Arizona at St. Mary's Hosptial, time of birth 7:31 am. Nearly killed my mother during the entire pregnancy, but the grand finale came during labor when all her organs shut down until they got me out. So needless to say I came into this world making a bit of a scene. From the age of 6 months I was diagnosed with severe asthma and for the next 12 years was given steroids to 'build my lungs'. The doctors had me in and out of hospitals with relentless needle poking for what seemed like an eternity. I'll never really know the multitude of ways in which it has deeply affected my development, but I can name a few. I was an asthmatic, stressed, lonely, and chubby little girl. My childhood in a nutshell.nnBut I absolutely loved being naked. Loved it. For whatever reason I believed clothes were stupid and would strip down at any moment, regardless of where I was. My mother would spend an hour or so trying to get me dressed for holidays and family visits. So you can imagine how pissed she was the second she left the room and I took my perfectly planned outfit off. I would get naked in cars, parks, once in the grocery store, and my favorite gatherings. I also had a nack for unpacking freshly packed suitcases. If it was time to go on a trip, it was time for me to get naked and unpack everything, then go hide underneath the coffee table until my mother found me. Best game ever.nnThis continued for years until it was no longer cute. Let's say around the age of 7, nakedness was no longer acceptable. Not only was I made fun of for nudity but I was heavily shamed for it. It became very strange to me that something so natural and right, had quickly changed to embarrassing. And it was around that age that I began to feel very bad about my body. I was afraid to get in the pool because of wearing a bathing suit. I was afraid to take showers. I was afraid to change in front of anyone, even my mother. I was even afraid to look in the mirror at my own body. All because I had absorbed the belief that being naked was unacceptable as a child. This fear continued into my adulthood, it became a nerve wracking experience to have sex because I knew at some point the clothes would come off. So to avoid this fear, I stayed far away from sex. I became malnourished not only on a physical level but on an emotional level because I was disconnected from my body. When I actually had sex for the first time at 16, it was in the dark and I was drunk so that in case my partner made fun of me it would be 'easier' to deal with. I did not have sex again until the age of 22, this time was also a drunken lights out experience. But it was the first time that I actually felt somewhat ok about being naked with someone. I woke up the next morning feeling strangely nourished. And I had this moment of thinking ' WOW, I feel good!' For years I had been running away from my sexuality because of our cultural belief about nudity. Then came the thought of how terribly I had been depriving myself of a potent form of nutrition.....Orgasm.nnFrom that moment on I began a very long inquiry on what the word orgasm means. It's almost 3 years ago that I began my studies with OneTaste, since then I have slowly noticed just how deeply orgasm can feed you. Orgasmic Meditation was the freakiest thing anyone had ever mentioned to me at the time, but that didn't stop me from taking my pants off. Every time I laid down for an OM, no matter what my mind chatter was saying, at the end I got up feeling nourished. Deeply, strangely nourished. It was as if for the first time ever, I could feel my entire body singing with joy. All my ideas about sexuality and orgasm began to shatter. My whole being began to detoxify from all the beliefs I had been fed as a child. It was painful to let go of so much but liberating to feel naked once again....and for the first time with out shame.nnThe practice of OM, which went from freaky to freaking amazing! has without a doubt infinitely altered my world. I now crave the rich sustenance that comes from orgasmic meditation and made it part of my life's purpose to share this practice with the world. Part of my vision is to invite all of you to begin a conversation with me about orgasm being nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. So that the cultural shame may begin to melt away as the empowerment shines through. I think right about now is a good time for us to embrace our naturalness and honor our sexuality. It will be an open invitation, you may come and go as you please, but know that the one requirement is that you dare to dare greatly. Be vulnerable. Say the thing you are afraid to say. Be the one that keeps coming back no matter how shameful or embarrassing it may feel. And do whatever it takes to set your self free, even if it means getting naked. I will be standing right there in full support, butt ass naked as can be.nnWhat if we create a world where Orgasm is listed as part of the USDA food pyramid? I wonder if the obesity rate would go down or how our relationships would change. Imagine a world where orgasm was just as important as drinking water. You know some nutritionists believe that most modern diseases can be cured with water and that most people are suffering from dehydration but don't even know it. Well I believe that most things can be cured with orgasm and that most people are suffering from orgasmic deficiency but don't even know it.nnThe good news is, unlike water, we can never run out of orgasm. It is infinitely available to us and we all have our own well to tap into. It's a new form of nutrition....Orgasmic Nutrition.nn nnYou heard the woman, she's not lying... we promise. Orgasm is as vital as exercise and eating healthy. You will find that once you start OMing as a practice, it will become essential to your sense of well being. What you once had never tried, will soon be something you can't live without. nnNow who's going to take her up on the invitation?