OM and Corporate America

by OneTaste Living Library  May 23, 2012

nnBy Morgan M.nnI’ve worked in corporate America for about 15 years and I’ve very recently realized that I’m trying to run my OM practice like I operate at work: scheduling my OMs a week in advance, confirming my OMs the night before, having little tolerance if people don’t get back to me when I want. All ways to exercise control and micro-manage my desire. If there were ever two words that didn’t belong together it would be “micro-manage” and “desire.”nnPrior to OM, my desire and sex life was non-existent, for over five years. I’ve been OMing for five weeks now and I’m so thankful for the changes I’ve seen in my sex life and my desire. But I’ve been playing it extremely safe. I’ve kept OM in its little compartment, hidden away like my private play thing, bringing it out when I want to play then hiding it away when I go back to my “real life.”nnI have a quote posted in my office “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships are built.” Now that the mirror has been held up to my face and I see what I’m doing, it’s not really an option to keep operating this way. It’s time to stop playing it safe, and start integrating my life – my whole life. And I have a feeling it’s about to get messy...nn nnDesire isn't a pretty little package with a bow around it. And neither is orgasm for that matter. Orgasm is inherently out of control, it is that state in which we drop out of our rational mind and our body begins to take over. Desire rises from orgasm; from that place of raw, formless, uninhibited energy and power deep within us. OM is a practice that taps you directly into that power source within. What does the messy, uninhibited version of you look like and do?