What a man wants

by OneTaste Living Library  May 15, 2012

By Eric S.

My work day ends. I run into a friend. “I’m moving home,” she says to me. “I leave tomorrow.”

I’m surprised, and I also felt this coming. And I feel angry. Angry at the suddenness of it. Angry that I haven’t told her the truth about what I want. Angry that I haven’t taken more risks.

“Would you like to OM before you go?” I ask her.

“Yes,” she replies.

She lays down. I sit next to her and begin to stroke her clit.

My whole body feels hot. I feel blood rushing through my arms and my stomach and my cock.

I still feel angry. After dwelling on that for a moment I come back to what is here now: my fingertip, her clitoris, both of us sharing this moment.

I feel an electrical charge in my fingertip on her clit and in my thumb on her introitus. This feeling slowly advances all the way up through my forearms and biceps as the minutes pass.

The anger evaporates and I am filled with desire, a hot ache in my cock.

I feel as if I’ve plugged both of my hands into electrical sockets. My arms are shaking uncontrollably, though when I look at them I see that they are not moving.

The timer sounds.

Sharing frames, I tell her about the electricity and the shaking. I feel worried that maybe the stroke was too hard, or too intense, or otherwise uncomfortable in some way.

“I felt your finger against my clit as if they were two clouds moving through each other,” she says.

In this moment I know that the stroke felt just right to her. My desire is welcome and encouraged. Even though I hadn’t found the courage to ask to fuck her, to ask for everything that I wanted, OM gave me an avenue to have intimacy with her that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

We will stay connected, I think to myself.

And we have.

OM is like a little pill of courage. Because we have built such a safe and sound container, free of story and judgement, you can practice asking for what you want here. Just here. Soon you can express something even a little more vulnerable, then you can express something a little more taboo. And then it even starts to seep out into the rest of your life. Just think, the courage to express yourself and ask for what you want, any where, with any one! Now that's the way we like it!