The Latest Development in my OM Practice

by OneTaste Living Library  Apr 6, 2012

nBy Marcus


The latest thing I notice in my OM practice is a feeling in my fingertip.

nAs a stroker, I often find myself in a mode of “doing” – I am “at cause” giving the stroke, and my partner is “at effect” of my cause, receiving the stroke.nnIt starts with my stroke: Up or down, lighter or harder. I feel how it is received and then I stroke again, and so goes the exchange of our OM. It’s a feedback loop, but still I feel like I spend much of my attention searching for something.nnAnd just a few days ago I noticed something new – while stroking, I can actually open up my fingertip and receive. It's as if I energetically soften my fingertip and my pores open and I get to listen.nnWhere before I had a single modality of searching, I now have a second option which is to respond.nn nnOM is a shared experience between two people. It provides a safe container for people to come together to experience and explore their sexual desires without all the standard conditioning layered on top of it - 'I owe him because he did me, she didn't climax that must mean I failed, I'm not touching him that must mean he will leave unsatisfied...' Beneath all these stories and ideas about sex is a vast and limitless playground of uninhibited connection, sensation, and desire.